Black Garden is scheduled to come out on September 21, 2010

July 12, 2010 – California-based Progressive band K2 has signed to Magna Carta Records and has released the first single “Widows Watch” from their upcoming release Black Garden. “Widows Watch” is currently available on both Amazon.com and iTunes respectively. Black Garden is scheduled for release world-wide on September 21, 2010.

K2 is a true progressive rock band that combines influences of Genesis, Yes, ELP and UK. With vocals reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, bass recalling Yes’ Chris Squire and keyboards from Ryo of Spock’s Beard that bring to mind Rick Wakeman and Tony Banks, K2 is a prog lover’s dream.

Black Garden, K2’s first release on Magna Carta Records, is an instant Prog classic featuring skillful instrumentation, haunting vocals and a rich lyrical backdrop that tells the story of ancient Oceania. Black Garden describes the epic journey of the ancient Polynesians sailing over a third of our world before settling the islands of the South Pacific. And they did it more than 2000 years before Columbus sailed.

Jaquess took on the challenge of writing this ancient tale after visiting the South Pacific and Hawaii and being inspired by the islands’ beauty and history. He was fascinated by the story of how man first came to inhabit the islands so dense with splendor and seemingly cut off from the known world.

The early explorers had only small boats to cross the ocean’s vast emptiness drenched in molten sunlight during the day and veiled in complete darkness by night with only the stars and moon to guide them. The Polynesians traveled across the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean from the Asian mainland to find the mystic islands looming on their horizon after months of confinement on their small vessels.

K2 realizes this imagery in both their lyrical and musical approach to this album. K2 captures the essence of these travelers’ amazing journey where the abundant natural majesty found on the islands was only matched by the danger they faced every day both on land and sea.

Release Date: September 21, 2010

1) Black Garden 6:25
2) Passage to the Deep 11:37
3) Widows Watch 6:38
4) Encounter or Absence 7:12
5) Storm at Sunset 11:06
6) Summer’s Fall 2:13
7) Path of the Warrior 10:44



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