Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn by Kerasphorus (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

While Cloven Hooves at The Holocaust Dawn consists of a mere four tracks, the devastation found within will clearly place Kerasphorus at the very top of the US Black Metal arena. This is the latest project from P. Helmkamp, whose past work with Angel Corpse and Order From Chaos are the stuff that metal legends are made of. Joining Helpkamp is his ferocious endeavor are bassist B. Wolaniuk and session drummer J. Read, whose own credits include participation with black metal stalwarts such as Conqueror, Revenge, and Axis of Advance. The trio forge an unholy alliance sure to bring the faint hearted to their knees.

Cloven Hooves at The Holocaust Dawn blasts into supersonic high gear with The Abyssal Sanhedrin, and what follows in an unforgettable near twenty minutes of carnage the likes that the genre rarely bears witness to. Aesoth Paradigm continues with the sonic terrorism, driving at the listener like a relentless sledgehammer. Disturb the Furthest Stars is blackened death at it’s most cosmic and compelling while closing cut Swarm Intelligentsia clearly proves that Keraphorus is what the future of metal will surely become.

There is no room for keyboard interludes or time to take even a breath – Kerasphorus has declared war on the scene and Cloven Hooves is only the commencement of endless artillery fire.

Some will say the Kerasphorus debut is too short while others will find the brief assault much more than what their weak little ears can handle. Keraphorus will launch the fanatics into a universe filled with chaotic nightmares and violent reveries – one that many will want to relive time and again. All others will perish in it’s almighty wake of destruction. Judging by this prologue into metal damnation, an upcoming Kerasphorus full-length should surely be the most anticipated black metal release of this or any year!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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