Kill Paradise: Confronting The Glitch

Based out of the wildly diverse Denver music scene, Kill Paradise present electronic pop music guaranteed  to get your toes tapping as well as make you think.  The Glitch is Kill Paradise’s latest collection of tunes. filled with super infectious grooves and memorable lyrics.  Fans of acts such as Breathe Carolina and The Starting Line should already know how exciting the Kill Paradise musical experience is – and if not, they need to take time to give the Mile High duo a really good listen.   Here is a recent interview conducted with Kill Paradise to find out the current happenings on the band.  Join in on the dance party now in progress…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Kill Paradise, and how long the project has been together.
Hi I’m Bryce I sing for Kill Paradise, I’ve been a part of Kill Paradise since 2008, Nick started Kill Paradise by himself all the way back in 2003.

What changes have you seen in the Denver music scene since you started Kill Paradise in 2003?
The myspace change/the death of That changed a lot. The accessibility of getting news to fans that used that website went missing. But we have twitter now so that’s a plus! Thinking as far back to 2003, it’s crazy to see the evolution of social networks and how they’ve effected music. Myspace was great for bands and fans to engage each other, but with Twitter news moves so much faster. With local Denver bands it’s still the same, everyone is great, and helps each other out as much as possible. Our favorite venue is still doing great shows and the music scene is so supportive of Kill Paradise. We love them!

Is there any story or concept behind the title The Glitch?
The Glitch” represents standing up against a broken system. It’s about never giving up… finding a way to make everything work and be right again. “The Glitch” is the second to last track from the new album and we felt that it represents Kill Paradise perfectly at this point in time as a band.

Select any two songs from The Glitch and what inspired the lyrics
Party With My Best Friends
We use to have these parties at Nick’s old house “on the corner of Clarkson” (lyrics). We wrote our first album there, every show had an after party there, touring bands we are buddies with would always crash there, a lot of great memories were made there. Our new generation of friends came from the relationships that were built in that house. The second verse talks about how busy we were touring, and how our homecoming show landed on Bryce’s 21st birthday. The show was huge, and at one of our favorites spots to play in town The Marquis Theater. It was literally a “party with my best friends.”

The Glitch
The Glitch is a metaphor of what the last year and a half has felt like to Kill Paradise. Bad things happen, things don’t always go according to plan. You can sit there and let your whole world cave in, feel like your being drowned in a shallow pool. This song is here to remind you that it’s not falling that makes a failure, it’s staying down. Find a way to fight. Keep your head above water. The only person who decides what’s best for you, is you. Figure out The Glitch and start reprogramming.

What do you think makes the partnership of Nick and Bryce work so well together and how did you both meet?
Secret crushes. haha kidding!
It works well because we came up through the same dynamic in the music scene. We played in bands growing up before there was any Internet or anything like that to promote on. We come from the same place, just started in different bands. Our taste in music is similar enough that we can create what we want to hear so well together. But at the same time our tastes are different enough that we can say to each other, “Hey let’s try this another way instead and see if it serves he song better.”
I love that we never settle for something we aren’t digging. We keep working on a song until it’s exactly what we want it to sound like.

You’ve toured with Breathe Carolina in the past. How did it go and do you feel any kind of friendly rivalry with the band?
It was a ridiculously fun time! We grew up with those kids, love ’em to death. It’s amazing to hear them on the radio and see their videos on TV. I was watching ESPN and there was a montage of NBA players doing slam dunks to their song “Blackout.” I couldn’t help but smile and think “Holy shit these kids are doin’ it huge!” Nick use to play in a band with David (their singer) and Eric (their drummer). I’ve played countless shows with all those BC dudes growing up in high school in different bands. Been homies since the day we met, so proud of them all!

What could one expect from a live Kill Paradise show?
Bad ass live vocals, huge beats, synths, and live drums all backed by a contagious energy that will leave you wanting more.

How many Warped Tours has Kill Paradise played and what was the experience like?
We’ve played 0. I worked for a clothing company for two years on Warped Tour though, and it was an absolute blast! Made so many good friends that I still keep in touch with now. I would love for Kill Paradise to be on Warped Tour! Hopefully we can make it happen soon.

When you look back on the earlier Kill Paradise recordings, what do you think of them now?
They have the same vibe, good-fun-pop music, Kill Paradise is all about. Since then we’ve just gotten a bit more professional with our recording styles, so the songs and records sound way better. Also, those older Kill Paradise songs (the independent releases “Pictures” and “The Effect“) were written only by Nick, before I was in the band. Sort of nostalgic in that sense. When I joined, we wrote 6 new songs together and put them with the best ones Nick already had written and released it as “The Second Effect,” our label Debut.

Are you involved with any other bands or projects outside of Kill Paradise?
Nick has a hip-hop side project called The Broadway.
Bryce has a pop-punk side project called Saving Verona.

When could we expect to see Kill Paradise in the LA or OC area for some shows?
August 2012! We will be touring with our new buddies “Foolish Ways.”

What’s up next for Kill Paradise?
We’re doing a West Coast tour in August. Working on putting together an acoustic e.p. to release before the end of the year, and a full length to follow that next year! Come see us on tour in August!

Any final words of wisdom?
Go get our new album The Glitch! Make sure to check us out on tour in August!
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Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!
Anytime! Thanks for the interview.

Kill Paradise is Nick Cocozzella and Bryce Hoops on vocals and programming.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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