Kills & Thrills: The New Long Island Sound

From the influential Long Island music scene comes Kills & Thrills like a swift kick to the noggin, bringing their super intensive brand of hardcore across the nation for all to experience. Their debut full length on Hotfoot Records is simply entitled Liars, a worthy successor to last years’ dynamic Showstopper EP extravaganza! We check in with the Kills & Thrills dudes to find out what’s new and on the horizon for the band…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Kills & Thrills, and how long the band has been together.
Grambo: I’m Grambo and I play bass. Together we have been together for about two years now.
Chris: Hello, I’m Chris. I play guitar and sing.

What is the Long Island music scene like and how does Kills & Thrills fit into the scheme of things?
Grambo: The Long Island music scene has both its pros and cons. First, there is a good amount of passion for music here, good people, and supporting friends. But like any other place, Long Island is filled with other crap…. like “promoters” making the bands sell a million tickets to their own show. And if they refuse they have a hard time getting on the shows that they deserve. At the same time there are hard working promoters here like “Strong Island Booking”, who are trying to bring back the way shows should be ran. The Promoter promoting his own shows, and not relying on the bands to do his job.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Liars?
Chris: Liars does not carry the same concept throughout the entire records, but a couple of songs do share similar concepts. There’s a few songs on there about having a good time, living a positive life and dealings with life’s issues… but there’s also songs with political views involving important issues to me as well. A few of those songs I wrote during the presidential campaign….. I did not like what I was seeing.

Who or what are the Dirty Birds you are singing about? Is it the cracked out pigeons you find on the streets of NYC?
Chris: Haha no. That song is just lyrical tabloid. It’s based on young woman who left everyone and everything behind to live the “Hollywood Dream”, and in the end just got spit out and kicked to the curb like yesterday’s garbage. It’s a rough town.

Where did you get the ideas for some of the other songs on the new CD? Please cite two songs and what the lyrics are about.
Chris: Hey You… Get your damn hands off her is about Back to The Future. If you couldn’t figure that one out…. you need to reevaluate your life!
The Devil’s Hands is about a man who sold his life to the mighty dollar. He grew old and realized he never knew what it was to have a family to love, or love him because money was his everything. The world passed him by before he could figure out what was really important in life.

You are about to go on tour with two Christian bands from the Facedown Records label. How did this come about, and are you guys a Christian band?
Chris: We were just lucky enough to be added to this tour. Really looking forward to it too. This tour kicks off our plunge into the summer, we’ll be gone from May 23rd up until sometime in August. We are not a Christian band. Some of us are Christians and those values are important to us.

An elderly church lady shows up at your concert to check out Call To Preserve and Take It Back! and asks, “Kills & Thrills! Hmmm. What does your band sound like?” What do you say?
Grambo: Some good ol’ American Rock and Roll baby!
Chris: “Lady… you’re scarin’ us”. Then I’d prob tell her we are The Soggy Bottom Boys, like I tell every old person.

What could one expect from a live Kills & Thrills show?
Grambo: 100% in-your-face intensity. We play every show with full energy. Doesn’t matter if there are two kids or two hundred kids. We play our hearts out.
Chris: Spit… lots of spit.

How does the music on Liars compare to Showstopper?
Grambo: Liars is us finding our sound and growing together as musicians.
Chris: Way more raw, intense, and rock and roll. No fancy studio tricks, just straight forward and from the heart.

It looks like you guys are going to be touring a good part of the summer. Do you have girlfriends or wives who wish you would be home more often?
Grambo: Keeping it real and single.
Chris: Haha yes I am newly un-single. It’s for sure going to be rough but on the bright side after being gone for practically three months…. the 1month tours won’t seem so bad anymore. She’s Proud.

Any shows in the Los Angeles or Orange County are coming up?
Grambo: As of right now no, we hit those areas not too long ago and should be back real soon.
Chris: I wish! Can’t wait to come back.

Any final words of wisdom?
Grambo: I hate Limp Bizkit.
Chris: “Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to”

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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