Andrew Kinnecom (Motivational) Announces Solo Project Kinnecom, Releases Introduction Video

Kinnecomnews1Andrew Kinnecom of Motivational (ex-Wealth In Water) has announced that he has been working on his own solo project that will go by the name of Kinnecom. The project will bring deep instrumentals and emotional soundscapes to modern music and Andrew plans to use it to challenge modern day mainstream artists with powerful songwriting. He had this to say on the new project, “I am confident that the new music I am releasing will inspire a new generation of songwriting combining countless styles of music. We are living in the age of information and technology, an age where what we create and what we listen to isn’t limited or defined by what is sitting in front of us. Music is blending together more and more day by day and we now have the power to choose not to give it limitations.” With the announcement, Kinnecom released an introduction video that features a snippet of a song HERE.



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