Knights Of The Abyss Announce November Dates w/ Full Blown Chaos * New Album “The Culling of Wolves” Out Now on Ferret Music

Following up on the recent successes of their latest opus, The Culling Of Wolves, the dizzying death metal thrash-attack that is Glendale, Arizona’s Knights Of The Abyss have announced a string of US tour dates kicking off this November with Full Blown Chaos and The Autumn Offering.

The newest batch of dates come immediately after the end of the band’s ongoing support tour with the mighty Cattle Decapitation, taking them through the Midwest, down the East Coast, and through the American Southwest.

About Knights of The Abyss:

The band’s maturity since Juggernaut is astounding, morphing from a run-of-the-mill death metal band into the unforgiving monster that is The Culling Of Wolves. – The New Review

Knights of the Abyss spit righteous anger toward the Fed and various circles they accuse of attempting to control politics, money and thought… I’ll take this record over most of what I’ve heard from the band’s deathcore contemporaries. – Metalsucks

The House Of The Crimson Coin” bursts out of the gate with galloping riffs and an extended guitar solo along with bludgeoning drums. “Deceiver’s Creed” has a black metal vibe in places, and is one of the catchiest tracks on the album. “Slave Nation” ups the brutality, but still keeps a groove. The vocals are diverse. There’s a good mix of lower pitched growls and higher pitched screams. Sometimes its call and response with growls and screams, other times both are used at once, creating more depth and an interesting sound. –

If, in the last five years, you’ve somehow managed to miss out on Glendale, Arizona’s Knights of the Abyss, it’s time for things to change. Since 2005, the death metal outfit has released two explosive albums through Candlelight/S.O.A.R. and Ferret Music respectively, 2007’s “Juggernaut” and 2008’s “Shades,” and have toured with the likes of The Acacia Strain, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Arsonists Get All The Girls, and more. On August 17, Knights of the Abyss will unleash their third opus, “The Culling of Wolves,” an album that’s going to change all preconceived notions about the band forever.

Those familiar with Knights of the Abyss may not recognize the band on “The Culling of Wolves,” but then again, they may not recognize any of the band members’ names either. Aside from founding guitarist and main Knights song scribe Nick Florence, Knights is rounded out by an entire new cast of characters. Vocalist Harley Magnum joined the band this year, while guitarist Brian McNulty, drummer Ben Harclerode and bassist Griffin Kolinski entered the fold in 2009. The result is a more mature, more focused, more metal Knights. This is a death metal band, not a deathcore group, as they’ve been so unfairly labeled. The Culling of Wolves’ sound bridges the gap between Black Dahlia Murder, All Shall Perish, and Behemoth and it’s a devastatingly vicious blitz on the senses, inspired by the melodic death metal greats of Gothenburg.

“The main writing force of the band, as far as guitars go, is still there, but for the most part, there’s a lot of influence from the new members and I think fans are going to hear that on the new record,” explains Kolinski, who, like the rest of the band, was approached by Florence to replace members who’d left to pursue higher education and other endeavors. “I do feel that this is the strongest and heaviest Knights record to date. It is a completely new band, but this new record does have elements on it that old fans will like. We’ve moved away from some of the old stuff, and there’s a lot more groove and heavier aspects on the new record. Some of the old fans will love the new direction we’ve taken.”

The Culling of Wolves contains 11 blistering, crushing tracks and, while a concept record in theory, is not your typical concept LP. There’s no story that runs through the disc, but there was definitely a major inspiration behind songs like “The House of Crimson Coin,” “The Swine of the Holy Order,” and the album’s first single, “Deceiver’s Creed:” The U.S. Treasury Department.

“I am afraid it probably is a very opinionated record, but we’re not slamming anyone; we’re just making our opinions known,” the bassist says, before explaining that some songs focus on the creation of the Federal Reserve while others revolve around The Bilderberg Group (an unofficial, invitation-only conference of men of influence in the fields of politics, banking, business, the military and media) and Bohemian Grove, a 2,700-acre campground in California that hosts an annual three-week encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world.

“We’re death metal and that’s all we’ve ever wanted to be,” says Kolinski in conclusion. “We’re not trying to associate ourselves with anything but death metal. We want to head out with bigger straight metal acts and we don’t want to back ourselves into a corner. This record is a huge expansion on the band and a natural progression for this band. We’re a new and improved Knights. This version is bigger and better and we’re more solid live.”

Knights of the Abyss Live!

w/ Cattle Decapitation and Devourment
Oct 6 2010 Downtown Music Little Rock, AR
Oct 7 2010 White Rabbit San Antonio, TX
Oct 8 2010 The High Ground Metairie, LA
Oct 9 2010 Brass Mug Tampa, FL
Oct 10 2010 Cruisers Stuart, FL
Oct 12 2010 Back Booth Orlando, FL
Oct 13 2010 Volume 11 Raleigh, NC
Oct 14 2010 Ground Zero Spartanburg, SC
Oct 15 2010 Sonar Baltimore, MD
Oct 16 2010 Mojo 13 Wilmington, DE
Oct 17 2010 Karma Patchogue, NY
Oct 18 2010 Santo’s Party House New York, NY
Oct 19 2010 The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY
Oct 20 2010 Club Paradise Buffalo, NY
Oct 21 2010 Peabody’s Cleveland, OH
Oct 22 2010 Harpo’s Detroit, MI
Oct 23 2010 Reggie’s Rock Club Chicago, IL
Oct 24 2010 Sokol Underground Omaha, NE
Oct 25 2010 Marquis Theatre Denver, CO
Oct 26 2010 In The Venue Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 27 2010 The Venue Boise, ID
Oct 28 2010 Studio 7 Seattle, WA
Oct 29 2010 Satyricon Portland, OR
Oct 30 2010 Thee Parkside San Fransisco, CA
Oct 31 2010 The Farm Las Vegas, NV
Nov 1 2010 The Seen Hesperla, CA
Nov 2 2010 The Whisky West Hollywood, CA

w/ Full Blown Chaos and The Autumn Offering
Nov 5 2010 6:00P Underground Sandusky, OH
Nov 6 2010 6:00P Championships Trenton, NJ
Nov 7 2010 6:00P Bourbon Street Baltimore, MD
Nov 10 2010 6:00P Hooligans Jacksonville, NC
Nov 12 2010 6:00P The Muse Nashville, TN
Nov 13 2010 6:00P The Hub Springdale, AR
Nov 14 2010 6:00P White Rabbit San Antonio, TX
Nov 16 2010 6:00P Dirty Dog Saloon Austin, TX
Nov 17 2010 6:00P Trees Dallas, TX
Nov 19 2010 6:00P Lizard Lounge Wichita, KS
Nov 20 2010 6:00P Aftershock Shawnee, KS

The Culling of Wolves Track List
1. The House of Crimson Coin
2. Pandemic
3. Dead to Reform
4. Deceiver’s Creed
5. Slave Nation
6. Cremation of Care
7. Flight of Molech
8. Council of Wolves
9. Swine of the Holy Order
10. Den of the Deceived
11. The Culling

* Purchase The Culling of Wolves from Hot Topic, iTunes, and MerchNow today!

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