L.A. Guns at The Whisky

Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns

Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns, The Hard Way, A New Way To Live Forever, The Whisky, July 29, 2016

L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns made yet another triumphant return to The Whisky on the Sunset Strip, packing the venue to the rafters for a night of hard rockin’ mayhem. Just back from a lengthy European tour, L.A. Guns was tighter than ever, presenting classics such as I Want To Be Your Man, No Mercy, and The Ballad Of Jayne to a massively appreciative crowd. Just the night before, Tracii Guns and his band thrilled The Whisky attendees, and now it was time to see the other side of the L.A. Guns experience.

Vocalist Phil Lewis and drummer Steve Riley are the mainstays in the band, and they perform with a passion and urgency that is exciting to witness. Kenny Kweens supplies a definitive low end on bass that leaves the room pulsating. And then there’s lead guitarist extraordinaire Michael Grant, shredding all over the stage with an exhilarating sense of fiendish glee. Grant is easily one of the most underrated guitarists in L.A. and beyond, and is a whole lot of fun to watch within a live setting.

L.A. Guns 2016 is on fire, and there is no stopping this lineup now. Here’s hoping for a new album soon! In the meanwhile, be sure to check out Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns performing a reunion of sorts during the Hair Nation Festival at Irvine Meadows on Saturday, September 17th!  And if you want to rock in the New Year with this iconic band, L.A. Guns with be co-headling with the notorious Faster Pussycat at The Whisky on December 31st!

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Russ Rogers of A New Way To Live Forever

Russ Rogers of A New Way To Live Forever

A New Way To Live Forever

It is always exciting to see who the opening bands are for any L.A. Guns show, and The Whisky certainly booked two of the very best – one popular local and another up and coming collective from out of town. A New Way To Live Forever was up earlier in the evening, presenting their own passionate brand of alternative hard edged rock and roll. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and ready to take on the world at large, A New Way To Live Forever won over the early arrivals with a solid set of instantly memorable tunes.

Opening with a the melodic one-two punch of Valley Metro and A Tide Like This from their Avalanche EP, A New Way To Live Forever instantly captivated the crowd otherwise hell-bent on seeing L.A. Guns. One glorious highlight in the set was Fall or Follow from their recently issued Monuments recording, an absolute triumphant when unveiled live.

Each member performs with a vibrant intensity, featuring the participation of Russ Rogers on vocals and rhythm guitar, Stephen Rose on guitar, Daniel Dyer on guitar, Steve Velez on bass, and Phil Tucciarone on drums. Not a band one would normally expect to open for an L.A. Guns extravaganza, but well played rock and roll with a lot of heart as played by A New Way To Live Forever is always a winning ticket with any type of audience!

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Eric Jeffreys and Hard Way Dancer Stephanie

Eric Jeffreys and Hard Way Dancer Stephanie

The Hard Way

The Hard Way has opened for so many famous bands at The Whisky, always providing solid support and bringing the party in an epic, hard rocking way. And while this was front man’s Eric Jeffreys’ birthday, it was the audience who received all the presents with a wild and raunchy set that The Hard Way is so infamously known for. Just one look at the band performing the wickedly delicious Diabolical Bitch with the sexy Hard Way Dancers in tow, you know you are in for a high flying night within the wilds of the Sunset Strip.  Stephanie and Coco make for a engaging high energy duo, exuding a sense of humor and sexiness that adds tremendously to The Hard Way rock and roll experience. These girlz have the fierce moves and how!

Eric Jeffreys is the classic rock and roll front man, and certainly knows how to deliver a persuasive anthem, whether it’s involving the opposite sex, partying it up big time, or exploring the hard hitting subject of police brutality. In addition to the wild and wonderful Eric Jeffreys, The Hard Way features a top notch lineup of musicians – including John Huldt on guitar, Tim Luce of Alcatrazz on bass, Joe Drock on guitar, and the omnipresent Matt Starr from Ace Frehley, Joe Lynn Turner, and Ultimate Jam Night on drums.

Be sure to head out to The Whisky on August 17th to root for The Hard Way in the Battle For Hair Nation competition! This performance will feature the one and only Chili from Puddle of Mudd sitting in on devastating drums!

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(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)


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