LARZZ To Release EP “Love This Life”

Available October 23, 2012

New Music Video Coming Out Soon!

New York, NY – October 5, 2012 – NY native, Larzz, the alternative pop star who just returned home from touring in Japan, will be releasing his newest album “Love This Life” on October 23rd, 2012. The album’s first single, “Love This Life,” which is the albums title, will be accompanied by a music video, which like the title suggest, is all about taking life by the horns and living it to the fullest.

Unflinching positivity, soaring hooks, euphoric beats, and a sincere commitment to directly reaching out to music fans have helped Larzz build a following organically. On Warped Tour 2012-with Neo Geo, All Time Low, Funereal Party, and iwrestledabearonce, among others-he had no commercially released music but became the buzz artist just by walking around tour grounds and chatting with kids. By showtime he had a couple hundred fans basking in his uplifting electro dance-pop. This October the Manhattan-based artist releases the invigorating EP “Love This Life” (Twilight Records), a 4-song collection bursting with good vibes and life-affirming grooves.

Larzz has been previously known as the driving force behind the acclaimed pop-punk band, Show Me The Skyline. Through his touring profile with that band he has been fortunate enough to travel extensively, and grow both personally and creatively. “Travelling and interacting with different cultures really broadened my perspective. I realized dance music is international and that I could share my experiences with the world through exploring it,” Larzz explains. “These songs spread a message of loving life. No matter what your situation is, as long as you stay positive, you’ll be alright.”

The EP’s message is gloriously captured in the balmy title track. The sun-kissed vocal hook, breezy synths, and the rugged hip-hop breakdown of “Love This Life” vibe a top-down, feel-good existence, summertime-carefree all the time. The slinky bounce of “Party Up” is pure good times all the time. “That is about vibing all day and just living a free life,” Larzz says. The EP is rounded out by the sweat-drenched clubby swagger of “Lose Yourself,” and the steamy grind of “Parasite.”

Larzz has also toured Brazil and built a strong homebase in Japan, where he is signed to Twilight Records. He first toured Japan as a sideman after the Warped Tour, and by this time he had his solo work posted online. Japanese music fans became enamored by his distinct electro-pop, and Larzz extensively chatted with the Japanese kids and was able to fortify a fanbase there. “It was incredible. I met enough fans interested in my music to create a street team. By the time I came back to tour myself, I was selling out rooms,” Larzz says. On these tours he was playing in front of 2,000 to 2,500 people nightly.

The Love This Life EP was produced and co-written with Andrew Goldstein, formerly of Friday Night Boys and now a fulltime producer esteemed for his successes with Hot Chelle Rae and Outasight. Larzz and Goldstein met in the pop-punk circuit, and when Larzz became excited by the expressive possibilities of electro-pop, they started creatively collaborating. “It came so naturally, we just got in a room and grooved,” Larzz says.

Currently, Larzz is growing his creativity, expanding into production, and he now has own uniquely vibrant clothing line, Modern Dino. “The vibe is quirky, freedom of expression, it ties in with the music,” he says. It’s been a natural build for Larzz, from the Warped Tour, to Brazil, to Japan. Reflecting on it all he says: “It has felt amazing spreading the music across the world

Track Listing-
1. Lose Yourself
2. Love This Life
3. Party Up
4. Parasite

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