Les Discrets

Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées by Les Discrets (Prophecy Productions)

The eerie emotional artistry of Les Discrets is bound to reverberate within your system long after the disc spins to its stunning conclusion. Comparisons will be made to the early work of Katatonia and Opeth, but Les Discrets spiral onto their own path of darkness and intrigue.

The mastermind responsible for the somber works of Les Discrets is Fursy Teyssier from France –a gifted individual who also adds painter and award winning filmmaker to his impressive list of credits. It’s no wonder the music found on Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées is so wondrously cinematic.

Translated as The Final Thoughts of September, the debut album of Les Discrets is nothing short of a melancholic masterpiece. Sweeping in scope, the tunes send the listener on a journey through the ultimate beauty and sadness of life, including the topics of nature, love, and untimely death. The songs are all performed in French, but one can easily envision the big picture while being enveloped by the mesmerizing wall of sound. Whether it’s the swirling yet sonic guitar noise or the deceptively hypnotic vocals, Les Discrets is an enriching listening experience all serious musical connoisseurs must bear witness to.

Be sure to try and find the Digipak edition, which contains of 56 page art book as well as Teyssier’s award winning short film Tir Nan Og on DVD.

When 2010 spins to an end, there is little doubt that Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées by Les Discrets will find a place in many a top ten list. One of the joys of being a journalist is discovering works by obscure artists such as Les Discrets. Judging by what’s heard on Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées, this band will not find themselves banished to obscurity for long.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Loup-Solitaire 9 years ago

    J’ai suivi, admiré et aimé ce groupe depuis ses tout débuts. Je me suis longtemps demander à quand viendrait enfin la sortit d’un album des Discrets. Le jour est venu!!! Je suis heureux de voir la réalisation de ce projet tant attendu et qui promet beaucoup.

    Fursy, ta musique inspire, m’enlève et je dirais même change des vies!

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