Letlive. and The Menzingers at The Hollywood Palladium

Letlive., The Menzingers, The Hollywood Palladium, February 27, 2015

themenzingers1The Menzingers at the Hollywood Palladium had a lengthy, fun, and mellow set. They played 13 songs, which is awesome for an opening act. This was my first time ever seeing them, but they definitely have a sound that gives us a bit of a throwback. They remind me of punk music from 90’s and early 2000’s, they were formed in 2005 so that has one reason leading to their throwback. They came out on stage with “Rodent” off their latest album Rented World. This tour, opening for Taking Back Sunday, is definitely one of their bigger road trips they’ve been on. The Menzingers are more of a small venue band as they have that intimacy feeling.  This is a band to sing along to, grab the microphone from, and scream into it. This band is full of emotion, there’s just so much feeling in the lyrics. They definitely have some very relatable lyrics. I say if you’re going to go see this band, do yourself a favor and go see them in an intimate venue. I can just imagine how crazy their shows are!

The Obituaries
My Friend Kyle
I Was Born
Bad Things
Good Things
Burn After Writing
Where Your Heartache Exists
Nice Things
I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
In Remission

letlive.-112 _265x400Letlive. at the Hollywood Palladium was insanity, as usual! Letlive. ALWAYS goes hard, and makes things super fun. They came out on stage with “The Dope Beat” off their latest record The Blackest Beautiful. This band is actually one of my top 5 favorites to see live, they definitely know how to put on a show. Not only that, but they make such beautiful music, front man Jason Aalon Butler’s lyrics are so poetic and brilliant. I have the utmost amount of respect for Letlive. These guys are nuts, they literally will tear apart the stage. Jason jumps and rolls around all over, he’ll even crawl on the crowd, Jeff & Ryan just jump all over with their guitars. Letlive. is the perfect image of current age punk music, hence why they call themselves “soulpunx”. They know how to connect with their fans on a super intimate level; they’re also a band that likes intimate venues, at least I think so.

In between singing his poetic lyrics, Jason either does an amazing speech or explains what the song means to him. He was talking about how “Pheromone Cvlt”, which is an emotionally driven song. It’s about him not being the man for that woman that he’s supposed to be. He’s basically saying that he’s messed up many things, but blames himself and not other people. I also remember him saying, “Ladies, if a guy ever puts a hand on you, come to me & I’ll personally fuck him up for you.” The crowd roared and clapped when he said that. I have so much respect for Jason & the guys, they truly care about their fans and talk about the wrong in the world.

If you’re not already listening to Letlive., you’re making a big mistake! Please make sure to check out their music and definitely see them live, they put on one hell of a show.

The Dope Beat
That Fear Fever
Pheromone Cvlt
Dreamer’s Disease
Banshee (Ghost Fame)
Renegade 86′
27 Club

(Review and Photos by Talia Farber)

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