Letter To The Exiles announces breakup

letters2013Letter To The Exiles announced their breakup on their Official Facebook page today.  The final album Makes Amends was released last year on Facedown Records.  The Long Island based collective will play two final shows.  Here is what the band has to say…

“As the saying goes, “all good things in life must come to an end”. As one chapter finishes, the next begins. We are announcing that we are laying Letter To The Exiles to rest. The four of us have been talking, praying, and reflecting on this decision and have collectively all agreed it’s time to close this chapter out and begin the next in life. We all have jobs/careers and a lot going on in life and we are going to move on to life post-LTTE. The four of us have been able to live out our dream thanks to this band, tour the country countless times, play internationally, meet tons of amazing people and make lifetime memories. We wouldn’t trade our memories for anything. Music is in our blood, and therefore all of us will still be involved with music/bands in different facets. Our final two show will be July 20 in Deer Park, NY at One Stop Media and our final show will be August 3rd at Alliance Fest in McDonald, PA. We plan on enjoying these last shows so come out and have fun with us. Thanks to all of our fans, bands we’ve played with, promoters, haters, past members, Jason and the Facedown staff, and anyone we’ve come into contact with because of this band. It’s been a true pleasure. See you on the flip side.”


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