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LiesToLightcover1Lies To Light The Way by Myka, Relocate (Artery / Razor & Tie Records)

Although their self-released EP And Of Monsters arrived on the scene in 2009, its taken quite a while for Myka, Relocate to follow it up with a full-length. Incessant touring and band changes would ensue, followed by an abundance of new songs that have remained unreleased – until now. After signing to Artery Recordings earlier this year, the Houston based collective headed to Chango Studios to record with producer Cameron Mizell (Memphis May Fire, A Skylit Drive). The resulting effort is entitled Lies To Light The Way, and judging from the 12 compositions heard within, the Myka, Relocate debut album was well worth the wait!

One notices right away the imaginative use of a haunting techno underscore on the first track Revolve, followed by lead screamer John Ritter unleashing a fury that instantly hooks the listener in for the sonic adventures ahead. Michael Swank joins in on Dead Ties, his dynamic clean vocals soaring into the stratosphere. Swank and Ritter make an impressive team, presenting both styles of vocals with a remarkable amount of passion and depth.

Something To Dream About combines post hardcore aesthetics with a thoroughly infectious sing-along chorus that will relentlessly spin around in your head for ages to come. “I’ve been in this place for too long, and now I think I’m ready for me to move on,” Swank muses persuasively on The Inevitable, where Myka, Relocate again shows their knack for writing a song that leaves an indelible impression. And while Natural Separation has been available as a complimentary track for quite some time now, it is exciting to hear the song rendered within the context of a Myka, Relocate full-length effort.

MR-2-72dpiUseless is an exhilarating track featuring the participation of none other than Telle Smith of The Word Alive. “I know I could be, anything, everything that you wanted to be” is the lingering chorus contained on the highly charged Doublespeak. Jonny Craig then makes a guest appearance on the ferocious Playing It Safe, adding his own distinct presence to an already intriguing soundscape.

Are you ready to be the only one for me?” Swank sings on The Answer, where a pop punk chorus collides with an unforgiving wall of metalcore sound. “How am I supposed to be safe when you’re ripping out my throat?” Ritter growls intensely out on Dry Spell followed by the sonic assault to the senses known as Cold War. Lies To Light The Way then closes out with the highly cathartic Admitting The Truth, a mesmerizing grand finale that will tingle the senses with its stark sense of urgency and ultimate triumph.

In addition to the superb vocal performances of the two charismatic leads, the Myka, Relocate musicianship is tremendously solid, featuring the participation of Austin Dore’ on guitar, Josh Peltier on guitar, Luke Burleigh on bass, and Aaron Robertson on drums. Lies To Light The Way is bursting with heartfelt tunes destined to render a genuine impact. When looking back upon the many debut releases of 2013, expect the long awaited Myka, Relocate album to rank right up there as one of the very best of the year!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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