Life As A Martyr

Reasons Why by Life As A Martyr (Self-released EP)

Hailing from the state of Maryland, Life As A Martyr is a post-hardcore / screamo / metal band who is beginning to gain a good deal of notice due to their intensive music and Internet presence. Their debut EP is entitled Reasons Why, a vastly impressive effort produced by Andrew Baylis of the band Life On Repeat.

The band is amazingly tight and the four songs are instantly memorable – two factors absolutely required for any collective wanting to be successful. Labeling their style of music “brocore” may be a bit limiting, because they obviously possess the talent and resources to appeal to all types of music fans looking for something melodically catchy yet possessing a heavy impact.

The EP kicks off with a short ominous intro right before exploding into the metallic riffs of the title cut Reasons Why. One notices right away the super intensive screamed vocals of Cody Tabor, exuding a vast amount of passion and conviction. Making a perfect counterpart is guitarist Michael Forbush, whose dynamic clean vocals mesh well with the hurricane force that is Cody Tabor.

The Reasons Why lineup

Pull No Punches is up next; a stand out cut that is a definite assault to the senses. “You worn out your welcome when you opened up your mouth,” Forbush sings infectiously within the chorus. This one is destined to be an audience favorite when performed live. The breakdowns are intense and the guitar work on this track really shines.

No Oceans In Lancaster is another slamming track that is sure to send mosh pits in sonic overdrive during the breakdowns as well as induce sing-alongs when the choruses arrive. And then closing out the CD is the ferocious The Serpent, The Apple, guaranteed to stun with its aggressiveness.  “Pain never felt so good!” screams Tabor at the end, right before the most shattering of breakdowns.

The Life As A Martyr lineup who participated on Reasons Why consisted of Cody Tabor on vocals, Michael Forbush on guitar and clean vocals, Bryan Bell on bass and samples, David Tyler on lead guitar, and Cody Bradshaw on drums. Since the recording, David Tyler and Cody Bradshaw have left and Tyler Dye has joined up on drums.

At press time, Life As A Martyr won the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands competition to play the Columbia, Maryland date of the Vans Warped Tour. This is a band who is obviously going places! In the meantime, be sure to check out Reasons Why and genuinely be able to say you knew those Martyr dudes way back before they hit the big time…

For fans of Alesana and We Came As Romans.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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