Lightfighter: Bringing On the Party

It’s a big metal-step party when Lightfighter shows up to unleash their musical mayhem.  Based all over the State of California, the band has recently released an EP (produced by Jordan Palmer of Hello Astronaut) that they are giving away for free!  All this, and they have pretty impressive cover of the Skrillex cover Scary Monster and Nice Sprites that is gaining the collective a good deal of recognition.  Our interview is just as fun and unpredictable as their music, so let’s meet up with Lightfighter to try and find out more about this this up and coming band…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Lightfighter, and how long the band has been together.
Ben: I’m Mr. Miyagi, and I play the longest guitar to make up for having the shortest wiener.
Jordan: I’m Demetri Martin. Yes, the comedian. I play jokes.
Jay: I’m Colin Ferrel’s baby’s daddy, I try to play the drums, and the band’s been together for two months-ish?
Colin: I’m Colin Ferrel and I help my band mates cope with sexual frustration, and for Ben, sexual confusion as well.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like?
Ben: California is the greatest place on earth and if you disagree I’ll fight you.
Jordan: Fuck California. I’ll fight you.
Jay: We’re all scattered throughout California. I’m personally from Fresno and the music scene isn’t very existent anymore.
Colin: More or less we are based out of the Internet, since technology has had to compensate for the fact that we all live in a different city. I’m in Turlock. The scene is great if you’re into playing coffee house acoustic sets for three people.

Select any two Lightfighter songs and what inspired the lyrics.
Ben: I personally love Lot Lizard– the song as well as the meaning behind it. Go look up ‘Lot Lizard’ on Urban Dictionary… pretty self explanatory. We don’t play with hoes. Girls, listen to Justin Bieber- your prince charming is out there, he just hasn’t found you yet.
Jordan: The Scary Monsters remix is inspired by Sonny Moore’s haircut.
Jay: I like the positivity of our Skrillex cover, it sets the tone for this band- together we can rule the world.
Colin: “The Sleeper’s Rebirth’s” lyrics are inspired by a Starcraft habit I had when I was a wee lad of grammar school.

What made you decide to cover Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites, and do you know if Skrillex has heard or commented on it?
Ben: I once met Sonny Moore when he was like 12 years old and was blackout drunk in the venue parking lot after the show.
Jordan: Cool story bro.
Jay: We’ve never heard anyone try anything like it and we all thought it was a great idea so we picked it up and ran with it. We’ve tweeted it to him a couple times but were met without a response. I wish he would at least tell us how much he hate us haha.
Colin: Scary Monsters has been remixed more times than Paris Hilton has been laid. So naturally we wanted to have our sloppy turn with it and make it scream “OH MY GOD”.

What could one expect from a live Lightfighter show?
Ben: I promise you we put on a better show than any other band/artist/etc you’ve ever seen. Don’t believe me, come to a show. I’ll sneak you in for free, but when I prove you wrong you have to get naked on stage with me.
Jordan: Someone. Will. Die.
Jay: Most likely a sacrifice or two, and an insane light show with Ben punching people in the face. Really crazy lights and really loud music.
Colin: Candles, Chardonnay, and hors d’oeuvres.

Has Lightfighter played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in the future?
Ben: Lee (Jordan) got really hammered in the Los Angeles area last weekened….
Jordan: 2012. House of blues. Downtown disney. Headlining. Soldout. Tell me we won’t do it.
Jay: We’ve all played there in other bands we’ve been in, but never as Lightfighter. We can’t wait to play in LA.
Colin: Its on the to-do list. No doubt.

How close are you to recording a full length and how will the music compare to what’s heard on the EP?
Ben: My debut full length rap album should be out sometime early next year. This is the only question I’m answering seriously.
Jordan: Our new music is going to be dubstep infused country.
Jay: Probably not for a little while but we’re always writing and recording new music. We cant wait for you guys to hear the newer stuff.
Colin: The full-length is already written out in full on golden tablets. We just have to find them…

What made you decide to give away the EP?
Ben: Just kidding, this is the only question I’m answering seriously. If it was up to me, every track we ever put out would be free. Every tour, free. Merch, free. I’m getting to do what I love, so if the trade off for that is being poor, I’m okay with it. Unfortunately our bodies are not self sustaining, and I must eat. And I’m pretty sure any label we team up with wouldn’t be down with giving our music out for free…. but yea. This EP was us saying ‘Thank you.’ Expect more free ish in the future.
Jordan: Who doesn’t like free stuff?
Jay: Everything is always better when its free, so we decided to make the ep that much better.
Colin: We want people to try it. Do you have to pay for the little food sample booths at Costco? No.

Which member of the band was in A Midsky Surrender and what is the current status of that band?
Ben: I was. That band is dead. I went to her funeral.
Jordan: Fuck that band.
Jay: Colin and Ben, the band is history.
Colin: What she said.

Which member was in Hello Astronaut and do you still keep in touch with Jordan Palmer? The music is definitely different than Lightfighter.
Ben: LOLZ.
Jordan: That guy’s my favorite.
Jay: Me haha, I use to play the drums for Jordan a while back, he’s still one of my closest friends to this day. He actually recorded our ep.
Colin: I once played a show for him and did a cool spinning 360.

Any final words of wisdom?
Ben: “Don’t have sex out of wedlock.”
Jordan: Don’t listen to Ben… But seriously, “Have fun, believe in yourself, and make your own luck.”
Jay: Whenever you’re feeling down just remember “I’M NOT COLIN HOLBROOK”.
Colin: “If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love” – Albus Dumbledore

Lightfighter is…
Ben Ezaki on bass and vocals
Colin Holbrook on vocals and guitar
Jay Acevedo on drums
Jordan Hidalgo on guitar and vocals

Lightfighter on Facebook


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