Lightning Swords of Death: Ritual Metal Magic

One of the most compelling Black Metal bands to ever evolve from the Los Angeles area, Lightning Swords Of Death is more than ready to take a listener on a magical road to hell.  Having recently opened for the likes of metal stalwarts such as Kreator, Behemoth, and the mighty Danzig, LSOD has tainted many a mind with their intensive rituals of damnation.   Their latest masterwork The Extra Dimensional Wound has just been unleashed through Metal Blade Records and there is absolutely no stopping this brutal entity now.  We recently sent inquiries to the band regarding their music.  A response from the collective follows…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Lightning Swords Of Death, and how long the band has been together.
Autarch, a founding members of the band, lead vocals, responsible for all visual artwork and words associated with the band.

What are your impressions of the local metal scene in the Los Angeles and how does Lightning Swords Of Death fit into the scheme of things?
Los Angeles has lost several venues. The loss of The Black Castle was most disappointing. To be honest I don’t really know what our place in this scene is, as we are not terribly social people.. Our approach to music involves a level of spiritual investment that seems to alienate those who are in this for different reasons. However, since we started this band we have met some incredible people and forged powerful friendships, some that last for several weeks.

A few of the members are also in The Cauterized. What is the status of that band now that Lightning Swords Of Death is taking off?
Menno is the only member of LSOD that is in The Cauterized, they are quite active. Menno is a black magic cyborg. I am sure his other band will be very successful.

Would The Cauterized and Lightning Swords Of Death ever want to do a tour together? Why or why not?
Certainly stranger things have taken place. As I stated he is a black magic cyborg so he could pull off such a thing.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title The Extra Dimensional Wound?
Yes. Continuous listening of the music and examining of the supplied illustrated lyric book will result in understanding. Start here: The extra-dimensional wound describes a psychic trauma in the fabric of how we perceive reality. A phenomenon that can be created by several rather invasive methods, the most practical being ritual magic.

Where do you get your ideas for some of the lyrics?
I am currently of the opinion that there are some thoughts that can only be expressed in the form of black metal, these ideas occur to me often within the dream.

What was it like opening for Danzig on one of the Blackest Of The Black Tour and was he cool to hang out with?
We had a great time. It’s always strange to hang out with one of your heroes, right? Glen has been very cool to LSOD and we were thankful for the opportunity to share a stage with him, and we hope to do it again some day.

Tell me about how the tour with Kreator went, and what was it like to spend all that time with the thrash metal legends?
We are fans of Kreator and it was no surprise to discover that they are a very professional band. There is much that can be learned from touring with a band like Kreator, so we were making notes. Many of the uninitiated were exposed to what we are doing.

Recently you opened for Immortal and held your own, really winning over the audience. What was that experience like?
It was amazing. I look forward to more shows like that one. I think that might have been one of the largest crowds we have played to yet, ( that or one of the Behemoth gigs…)

What could one expect from a live Lightning Swords Of Death show?
One can expect to be brutally raped by devils followed by the agony of ritual abuse, when the smoke clears they will be better for it.

How did you wind up signing to Metal Blade Records?
They witnessed some raping and ritual abuse at the last Murderfest, talks followed.

Will Metal Blade be re-releasing any of your earlier material?

Where did you get your name Lightning Swords Of Death?
It’s a name that holds multiple meanings for us, to put it simply it describes our path through hell.

Do you have any messages for metal fanatics here in the Los Angeles area?
“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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