Like Moths To Flames: The New Project from Chris Roetter of Agraceful

If the name Chris Roetter sounds familiar to you, maybe you have heard his exceptional vocal work in the first Emarosa EP.  Or perhaps you caught his previous band Agraceful while they were on the road, promoting their debut album, The Great I Am, released on Sumerian Records.  In these days, Roetter has started a new project called Like Moths To Flames – unsigned for now – but don’t expect that status to last for very long.  Their debut single Dead Routine was produced by Landon Tewers of Before Their Eyes and The Plot In You fame, and is now available on Itunes.  We caught up with Chris Roetter to find out more about his new project…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Like Moths To Flames, and how long the band has been together.
What’s up! This is Chris Roetter, the vocalist of Like Moths to Flames. We launched our band on the first of February, with our first song Dead Routine.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there?
The band is from Columbus, Ohio and I’d have to say that music scene where we are from is pretty strong; we’ve played around a few times and have a pretty decent following thus far. So I’m excited to see what will happen with the band in the future!

Are you still involved with Agraceful? What is the current status of that band?
No longer involved with Agraceful; all of the members in the band thought it was best if we just went separate ways. Joe, the guitar player from the band, is filling in for a band from Michigan called Legend on their summer tour. The other dudes moved back to their home states.

What do you find in Like Moths To Flames that you did not find in Agraceful?
All the dudes that are in the Like Moths are some of my best friends; it’s fun to be able to wake up and just hang out with my buds and get to work. It’s a different style of music and a different view of my life.

Would you consider Like Moths To Flames to be a Christian band? Why or why not?
Like Moths is not a Christian band. We are all Christians in a band, but we are all at different points in our faith. I write a lot more about life experiences, not only religious experiences. I just wanted to express a different side of my life.

Who are the other guys in Like Moths To Flames and what other bands have they been in?
All of the members in Like Moths aside from me were in a band called TerraFirma.

Right now you are listed as being unsigned. Is there any label interest at the moment?
We honestly haven’t thought about it that much. We have been working hard on getting the EP done and just trying to get the name of the band out. I think at this point in the band’s career, that it would be a little soon to sign to anyone. We are fine just being a DIY band for now. It’s fun to watch the band grow and to have complete control of it.

Where did you get the idea for the lyrics to Dead Routine?
Dead Routine is just about relationships that I’ve had with people, that haven’t gone all that well. A lot of what I’ve written about in the band is about being what everyone told me that I wouldn’t ever be.

Tell me about the lyrical ideas for the new song Your Existence.
It’s about a lot of different things; we’ve all met someone in our lives that has tried to bring us down or pick apart at our lives. I just use the song to express my experiences with it.

How did Landon Tewers of The Plot In You become involved with recording Your Existence?
Landon is actually recording our EP. He recorded our first demo Dead Routine and has been a good friend of ours ever since!

Do you still keep in touch with the members of Emarosa?
I actually do not talk to any of the dudes in the band. I’ve talked to a few of them since I left, but don’t talk to any of them outside of seeing them at shows, etc.

Looking back on your time in Emarosa, what do you think of it all now?
I still love the EP. I think it has a really good sound, some of my favorite vocal work thus far.

How close are you to recording a full length album and who are you recording the new songs with?
We actually just plan on releasing an EP, which 5 or 6 songs. The record is being produced by Landon Tewers.

Any plans for a tour with Like Moths To Flames?
Just a few small regional runs! Hopefully a few bigger things before the end of the year, but we don’t have anything booked up right now.

Messages for fans of Agraceful and/or people who want to check out Like Moths To Flames for the first time?
Just support the band for what it is. Go into it knowing that it’s not a Christian band. It’s different than Agraceful, a different side of me, a different style of music.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Like Moths To Flames on Myspace

  1. Ben 9 years ago

    You didn’t ask when the ep would be coming out!

  2. Scott 9 years ago

    I asked Aaron Douglas on Facebook when the LMTF EP would be coming out and he predicted around mid-October.

  3. Freddy 7 years ago

    I just wonder… 🙁 …what made Chris lose faith ..

  4. Bekah 6 years ago

    I met Chris at Warped Tour a couple days ago. He is extremely nice and friendly! I kind of got the feeling that he might be a tad bit shy, and I like people like that. His kindness is what drove me to buy an album and give the band a thorough checking out! 😀

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