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linesand1Line In The Sand by Close Your Eyes (Victory Records)

A lot of the bands trying to break into this scene are the same thing over and over again. Christian Rock band Close Your Eyes brings a new flavor of hard rock and metal to the table that will definitely take them to places that they deserve to be. Their new album Line In The Sand jams harder than a lot of other music out these days. With the fast paced songs like Days Of Youth and The End, the circle pit will surely erupt along with everyone singing along.

What I personally enjoy about this band is the mix of vocals from new member Sam Ryder Robinson. His screaming is just as raw and brutal as you could want but his singing is perfect for singing along to. It makes me want to bang my head as well as sing all the lyrics.

Don’t underestimate the bands ability to be heavy either! With the song Skeletons, you are sure to get your heavy fix.  Close Your Eyes has a pop punk mix along with hardcore as well as some rock and blues! This being their third studio album, it has all the elements of good music and they are sure to go far if they keep along this very promising path.

Long time members Brett Calloway (guitar), Andrew Rodriguez (guitar), Sonny Vega (bass) as well as new drummer Jordan Hatfield and vocalist Sam Robinson have put together something new and great. I know they have gained a fan and I will most definitely be covering them as much as I can. This album/band is a high recommendation to anyone who likes a new taste of rock music.

(Review by Edward Brandon)

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