Highwire Daze Radio at Live 365

hdcardHighwire Daze Radio at Live 365. Still working out the kinks but here it is. Just click the link below the playlist. It takes a minute to load up…


This playlist runs exactly five hours in length

Love For Sale – Motorhead
Headless Cross – Black Sabbath
Outcasts – Palisades
It’s Cherried – At The Skylines
I Am A Dream – 5 Years and Counting
The Stars Are Out Tonight – David Bowie
Lovekills – Her Bright Skies
Superbadgirls – Ivan
Freaks – The Royal
A Starving Clock Comes Back For Seconds – Bruised But Not Broken
This Confession Has Meant Nothing – One Last Look
Your Love – The Outfield

Strange Highways – Dio
The Summer – Citizen
Memories Of A Broken Heart – Crown The Empire
Disconnected – Heartist
Change – John Waite
Stranger – Jefferson Starship
Age Of Ignorance – Our Last Night
Plowed – Sponge
Dead Beliefs – City In The Sea
The Earthing – Borknagar
Say Hello – Alexander
I Don’t Wanna Stop – Ozzy Osbourne

The Domnator – The Suit
See You In Hell _ Grim Reaper
Slow Dance Night – This Century
Night Owls – Little River Band
Like The King Does – Hana Kim
Decade Of A Girl – Mark Rose
The Fall – Gary Numan
We Built This City – Starship
Last of The Bohemians – The Motels
The Core Of My Existence – In Dying Arms
Blood Money – My Heart To Fear
Tectonic Plates – Cock And Swan

Magic Man – Heart
Crazy Crazy Nights – KISS
Tied To The Bells – Tuff
Walking – Animal Cloud
I Wasn’t Done Dancing – Arrica Rose
Nowhere Girl –B-Movie
So This Is Eden – Bad English
No More Words – Berlin
None Of It Matters – Black Eyes Susan
The Maze – Dokken
Var je soblesten – Havnatt
Naughty Dragon – Rondinelli

Grandis Spiritus Diavolos – Rotting Christ
Fluff by Black Sabbath
Diesel – Nude
Sad Night, Where is Morning – The Ocean Blue
It’s Your Amazing Grace – Glen Campbell
Jumper – Adaliah
Have Your Eyes Open – Christa Wells
Tell It To The Moon – Martha Davis
Surrender – Built On Secrets
Don’t Waste Your Breath – Close To Home
Shut Up Our Song Is On – Monsters Scare You
Sound Of Silence – Eternal Tears of Sorrow

FeelGood – Goldhouse
Save You -Heimdall
Define Yourself – Serianna
Metal Nation – Witch Cross
Steelhammer – U.D.O.
The Raven Ride – Empire
Nothing To Lose – Stardog Champion
One Day – Luke Potter
The Way We Fall – Tim Hatten
Unfortunate Casino – Gerry Beckley
You Dream I’ll Drive – Little River Band
Alone – The Seeking



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