Lorna Shore at The Whisky

lornashore1Lorna Shore, The Whisky, March 11, 2015

As Lorna Shore was about to hit the stage, there was a sense of anticipation in the air. The foreboding intro to “Godmaker” hit, and it only magnified the crowd: they were biting their lower lips and punching their own open palms, time was standing still.

Once the first note of the song hit, the crowd was sent to hell. From the evil tones of the guitars, the sinister backing tracks and the furious speed of the drums (a trend of the night). And once the first breakdown hit, the earth shook. They possessed the crowd with each chug and single crash cymbal note. Speed, violence, blood was in the room. The same went for Born in Blood, as the crowd “Ohhhhhhh’d” in suspense.

They went on to flawlessly play Maleficium (the title track off the EP) and Cre(H)ate, which, funny side story, vocalist Tom Barber almost tripped and fell back into a bloodthirsty crowd, and was saved and pushed forward by none other than Abstract Existence bassist John Brooks.

lornadrummer1Everyone was expecting the final track off Maleficium Accumulatory Genophage” to be next, however, they surprised the crowd, announcing they’d play a new song, “Through the Pale Mist.” A dark, foreboding aura engulfed the Whisky-a-Go-Go as a similar feeling from Godmaker took hold, but once the band came in, followed by the violins and the choir, this feeling was indubitably and superiorly maleficent. They wowed the crowd with what made them fall in love with Lorna Shore in the first place; fast blast beats, blistering riffs, sinister solos, and crushing breakdowns, all draped in a devious disguise.

Lorna Shore ended their set with Accumulatory Genophage, demolishing what was left of a very amazed crowd. Superb stage presence, great musicianship, and a distinct vibe all presented Lorna Shore to the crowd as a very powerful entity, when standing together on tour with bands who are in themselves, distinct entities.

(Review by Alfredo Hernandez – Photo by Talia Farber)

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