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losersandkings2Losers & Kings by The Downtown Fiction (Fearless Records)

This certainly seems to be the year The Downtown Fiction are slated to hit the big leagues, especially if their winning sophomore release Losers & Kings is any indication of what’s in store for this band. The best pop punk summer album since Yellowcard surfed effortlessly through the streets of Ocean Avenue, Losers & Kings by The Downtown Fiction present 12 solid tracks of wildly infectious tunes. After three EP’s and a previous full length entitled Let’s Be Animals, expect this new puppy to roar into the hearts and minds of many a music fan.

downtownfiction2014The kick-off track Some Place On Earth is pure pop perfection, a wistful track of epic proportions with a driving chorus ready to hook the listener in for even more glorious anthems ahead. Hope I Die On A Saturday Night is certainly a grim title for a track, but the melodies are so spiraling and joyous, you’ll be singing along to this one for the many days to come. Don’t Count Me Out is a song of perseverance that could be an anthem for anyone searching for that elusive dream.

Kiss My Friends recalls the power pop movement from the 80’s, brought back with an ultramodern twist – it’s the albums second single and it’s sure to ignite a frenzy when performed live. The pace is then slowed down a bit with a visit to Santa Cruz, where the gorgeous refrains of “I’ve got my skateboard, I’m never coming home” jubilantly ring through. “This one’s for the broken hearted,” the lyrics proclaim on the radiant No Generation, with its chorus jangling through your head like a wondrously rebellious dream.

Cool Kids has a Beatlesque sound that will rock and roll your world while So Called Life is filled with attitude and style set to grooving melody. Big Mistakes especially shows off Cameron Leahy’s emotional vocals combining well with the soaring melodies. Right Where We Left Off is a definitive highlight, a heartfelt acoustic ballad demonstrating another side to The Downtown Fiction sound. And then closing out Losers & Kings on an all-out rocking note is Sometimes, leaving an indelible impression with its breathtaking vibrancy.

The musicianship found within The Downtown Fiction is inspired and resourceful, featuring the talents of the aforementioned Cameron Leahy on vocals and guitar, David Pavluk on bass and vocals, Wes Dimond on guitar and vocals, and Kyle Rodgers on drums. The band has grown tremendously since their inception in 2008, and with Losers & Kings, The Downtown Fiction appear ready to transport a brilliant career in music into an uptown reality!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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