Louder by Autograph (Self-released EP)

12366194_778205435617568_8170042714760894312_nLouder by Autograph (Self-released EP)

Autograph is a melodic hard rocking collective best known for their massive hit Turn Up The Radio, a wildly infectious song that made its way onto the worldwide airwaves in 1984. The Southern California band would release three major label albums in the 80’s before practically disappearing off the face of the Earth. Fast forward to The NAMM Show in 2011, where founding guitarist Steve Lynch and bassist Randy Rand would decide to meet up to rekindle a friendship and then a band! Original vocalist Steve Plunkett was unavailable, but gave his blessings for a recommencement of Autograph. Joined by Simon Daniels of Jailhouse on lead vocals/guitar as well as Marc Wieland on drums, Autograph was back in action and ready to take on the world once more. And their brand spanking new EP Louder is certainly indicative of what shall be greater glories ahead for this mighty collective from Pasadena, CA.

The five song EP kicks into ultrasonic gear with the triumphant refrains of You Are Us, We Are You – complete with wondrously memorable chorus that you’ll be singing along with for the rock and roll ages ahead. This special opening track is clearly dedicated to their fans, and what a fantastic cause for celebration it is!

Even after all of this time, Autograph is more than capable of rocking your socks off, with I’ve Lost My Mind In America being a vast and glorious example of the towering tunes the band unveils in this present day. Every Generation continues the Autograph adventure, with contemplative lyrics and epic auditory explorations, while Watch It Now sends the entire recording into the stratosphere with its hard rocking vibrancy. And to acknowledge the past while looking well ahead into the future, Autograph presents an exhilarating live rendering of Turn Up The Radio that will positively dazzle the senses.

The guitar work of Steve Lynch is imagination and on target, weaving its sheer magic throughout the recording. Bassist Randy Rand and drummer Marc Wieland work exceedingly well together, making for a remarkable tight rhythm section. And then there’s Simon Daniels, bravely taking the place of a much revered lead vocalist and delivering the lyrics with a powerhouse sense of passion and conviction. With Louder, Autograph is sure to intrigue their longtime fans as well as bring newer converts in for the rock and roll party. The next great chapter of the band has indeed begun, and it will be exciting to hear the sonic treasures this lineup delivers in the months and years ahead.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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