Melina May

Lovers Love, Liars Lie by Melina May (Self-released)

Melina May is the creation of Brison X. Cortez of Fresno, CA – a one man project that has been gaining a good deal of attention due to Facebook exposure and remarkably catchy songs.  Comparisons to Never Shout Never and The Ready Set are inevitable, but Cortez wisely injects his own quirky personality and distinctive voice into the proceedings, coming up with a collection of wonderfully memorable tunes. Lovers Love, Liars Lie is an inspiring eight-song effort destined to gain the artist a whole new cadre of fans, and could possibly peak the curiosity of record label types as well.

The recording begins with the wildly infectious Second Chance, where soaring keyboard meanderings mesh well with a lively vocal performance. Definitely a standout cut! Up next is Call It Cliché, a wistful love song performed with ukulele that is simply a sheer delight.

Chaos Control may be a bit of the dub step side, but Cortez adds his clever inflections into the song, rendering this one a dizzying confection. Wonderful Winters has a timeless, folksy appeal showing another diverse side to the Melina May experience.

Catch A Clue is reflective acoustic track, featuring a catchy “oh-oh-oh” chorus that will remain jangling within your head long after the song concludes. Brakes is Cortez at his most imaginative, presenting an electronic aural ride filled with positive motion and intrigue.

The party kicks into high gear with Twenty Twelve, with mischievous techno beats and spirited vocalizations. And then closing out the recording on a poignant note is Forever Ember, a deeply personal song about a split couple and the child involved.

Lovers Love, Liars Lie is a broad step in the right direction, showing a highly charismatic artist more than ready for the big leagues. Although Facebook is packed to its illogical bandwidth when it comes to one person projects, Melina May has the talent and drive to take it all to the next level. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Brison X. Cortez. Be sure to check out Lovers Love, Liars Lie, and catch up with a rising star!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Melina May on Facebook


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