Lovesick by Run 2 Cover (KBB Records)

00811790024707Lovesick by Run 2 Cover (KBB Records)

Run 2 Cover is the very last band in the world you’d expect to be signed to KBB Records – a label co-owned by Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria fame. Once a metal band, Run 2 Cover decided to take a different direction, and the results are nothing short of pure pop perfection! This power trio would be outstanding opening for the likes of One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer and have actually found themselves on shows with Escape The Fate, Eyes Set To Kill, and Alien Ant Farm. The three members of Run 2 Cover play their instruments exceeding well, placing a good deal of passion and conviction into their performance – as well as unleash a pop rocking song that will remain jangling in your head for ages! Lovesick is the debut effort for this Phoenix, AZ based collective, and it’s destined to garner Run 2 Cover a rock solid fan base. Whether you are a teenager or an old school pop rock and roll fanatic, prepare to meet your next favorite band when encountering the vibrant tunes Run 2 Cover has to offer.

From the infectious refrains of Like The Way It Hurts, Run 2 Cover hooks the listener in with their super catchy melodies and the sing-along “all my friends say you’re the worst, and you’re nothing but a curse” chorus spinning fiendishly around your brain. Then It’s Okay bursts gloriously through your speakers, rocking it out with a fierce magnetism. The title cut is a definitely highlight, destined to be a fan favorite when performed in a live setting. Throughout the entire recording, the should-be hit singles keep on arriving, with top cuts such as the wistful I’m The One, the spiraling Someday and the free-wheeling City Lights providing further proof that Run 2 Cover are ready to rock your world and has a little something to offer for all types of music fans!  It is obvious that Ben Bruce knows a damn good pop rocking band when he hears one.

runtocover_jl - CopyThe supremely talented and charismatic membership of Run 2 Cover consists of Brandon Iverson on drums and vocals, Christian Iverson on bass and vocals, and Colin Shaw on lead guitar and vocals. Lovesick was skillfully produced by Matt Good (From First To Last, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows) at Good Sound Studios, making Run 2 Cover sound like million bucks! With a first album this promising and the energetic live shows to back it all up, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Run 2 Cover. Be sure to catch Run 2 Cover on the road with Burn Halo and Courage My Love (September 5-12) and then with One Eyed Doll and Stitched Up Heart from mid-September to the end of October.

(Review by Ken Morton – Band Photo by Jack Lue)

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