Shallow Waters, Endless Depth by Lions!Tigers!Bears! (Tragic Hero Records)

Based out of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, the membership of Lions!Tigers!Bears! rarely seem to be home these days. The band recently completed the Brodeo Tour with Scarlett O’Hara and No Bragging Rights, and somewhere along the way managed to record their debut album for Tragic Hero Records. Entitled Shallow Waters, Endless Depth, the ten songs found within are staggering in scope, clearly showing that the West Coast is still a fertile place for bands of all genres.

On the metalcore and post hardcore side of the spectrum with a bit of the progressive mixed in, Lions!Tigers!Bears! should definitely turn the heads and ears of many. You can sure tell the passion and energy the band places in their compositions.

The disc slams you in the head right away with the sonic refrains of 12 Years And 2 Spoons Later, a ferocious track that revs the listener up for the rest of the animalistic tunes that follow. Boots For Tasers has a nu-metal guitar style intro that proceeds into a monstrous beast of a raving song. Lions! Tigers! Bears! continues to roar on with Vault 101, intensive and relentless in nature.

Go Go Gadget Copter should really set mosh pits into flight with its driving rhythms and super infectious chorus. Sunburst And Gloria has some superb growled and screamed vocals as well as guitars that sear through the air with a fiery intensity. The Grey Fox is brutal and haunting – a kaleidoscope of extremity and melody that is thrilling to behold.

Courage Wolf possesses lethal claws of pure rage, complete with heavy breakdowns and soaring clean vocals meshing perfectly with the screamed passages. The Most Interesting Man In The World is definitely an attention-grabbing song featuring some compelling axe work, a driving rhythm section, and outstanding impassioned vocals.

Seahorse Seahell is a barrage of heaviness that is a definite assault to the senses. And closing out the disc on a devastating note is F.I.N., leaving a lasting impression on all with its epic clean vocals, severe brutal screams, spiraling instrumentations, and memorable gang choruses at the songs conclusion.

Shallow Waters, Endless Depth is an impressive introduction to a band who obviously has a long and glorious career ahead of them. Lions!Tigers!Bears! rage out of the gates roaring with this one, and they are sure to find a rapid fan following in the process. Shallow Waters, Endless Depth was imaginatively produced by Casey Bates, whose own impressive credits include A Skylit Drive, Foxy Shazam, and Chiodos.

Be sure to catch Lions!Tigers!Bears! currently on The Artery Young Guns Tour with The Air I Breathe, Ten After Two, Scarlett O’Hara and The Plot In You.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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