Less Than Jake – A Chat with Buddy at Warped Tour 2011

I caught up with Buddy (who plays trombone) to see what is happening with Less Than Jake this 2011 summer season.

You currently have a new EP Greetings From that’s available as a download or you have some while on tour this summer. You have now released this on your own record label Sleep It Off Records. Is a new full album coming out soon?
Buddy: That is the full album. It is a five song EP. I don’t even know if we are going to do a full album release anymore. That’s an outdated thing. We’re going to write five or six songs at a time. Then record them and get them out. This way it get newer music out faster instead of waiting for years for something to come out. Nobody cares for a full album its just a one song then disposables on them anyways.

As a musician do you prefer downloads or obtaining the physical actual CD to listen too?
Buddy: For me at this time I have stopped getting actually physical cd’s. Because now I use downloads on my phone or on my computer/ So everything is digital and cd’s are taking up to much space. A CD now is just a small hard drive. Also people have forgotten about the lost art of the album. If I am going to busy music I still go and buy vinyl. Vinyl because it sounds better on the stereo and the artwork is larger. Vinyl is still enviable and sometime you get cool things with it.

On the actual record store vinyl record day for 2011 what did Less Than Jake do for it?
Buddy: We were going to release something on vinyl but we did a in store record signing down in Pensacola Florida

You now have your own record label Sleep It Off records. What have you been learning with it?
Buddy: Fortunately having Vinnie (who plays drums) on our team who has had his own record labels before including Paper & Plastic currently, knows all of the ins and outs of releasing a new record.

This new record label of Sleep It Off is a whole band effort right?
Buddy: It’s really not like a label sort of speak. Because were really not trying to put out a bunch of other different band either. It’s just a way to have our own mark so that we can start releasing our own stuff. This way it keeps everybody else’s fingers out of the mix.

One of your newest songs from the Greeting From Ep is Goodbye Mr Personality. Who has the best personality in the band?And why would you want to say goodbye to that personality?
Buddy: Well I can’t say myself but I do have the best personality in the band. I would say that JR has the best demeanor of the band. He doesn’t get angry at things. I actually think we all in the band each of us all have different personalities. We are like the Brady Bunch kids and we all get over any humps that we have amongst us as a band really well.

This brings you up to date with Less Than Jake. Watch out for new recordings soon. They might just be EP’s for now but maybe just maybe a full length might come around. The best way though to check out the band is to get their newest DVD called Anthology. They play 6 of their albums all the way through. The concerts were recorded in Florida the bands home state. So this lets you see them at their best live and full of fun where they do ska the right way fast and raw.

(Interview and Photos by Jonathan D. Wright)


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