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LuckyLucky EP by Arrica Rose and the … (pOprOck records)

Arrica Rose is a Los Angeles-based singer / songwriter whose striking persona and deeply heartfelt songs are wondrous to behold. In a city oversaturated with all kinds of talented individuals following current musical trends, there is a sense of imagination and intrigue to be found within Arrica Rose’s repertoire of tunes. Combined with her band the …’s (Dot Dot Dot’s), their latest recording entitled Lucky is mature and inventive, and is destined to leave a lingering impression on even the most jaded of musical connoisseurs. Produced by Dan Garcia at Radio Hill Studios in downtown LA, the Lucky EP is sure to captivate fans of acts such as Mazzy Star and Stevie Nicks. And even with that being said, Arrica Rose possesses an arresting vocal style that is all her own.

Without My Love kicks off the Lucky EP, weaving an infectious spell upon the listener even as it speaks of a relationship on the rocks. “Oh it’s a beautiful world if we let love lead” muses Rose with a cautious optimism in the beautiful strains on Microscope. Come On Home To Me is wistful and inviting with its mature take on modern day romance.

Welcome to the future” the chorus smartly conveys in the driving refrains of I Was Only Dancing, showing Arrica Rose and band at their most persuasive. Before The Days is pensive and dreamlike, with Rose’s gorgeous voice effectively reeling the listener in to recall memories and heartbreaks of the past. And the closing out the Lucky EP is the deeply introspective Paper Days, a tune that will haunt the listener long after the disc spins to its conclusion.

Aptly described as “part folk, part dream pop, part vintage rock,” the Lucky EP by Arrica Rose and the …’s present six stunning musical reveries that you’ll want to revisit time and again. And if you really wish to be fascinated by an artist at the very height of her creative prowess, check of Arrica Rose’s dazzling cover of Tragedy by the Bee Gees here.

Arrica Rose and the …’s will be playing their Lucky EP release show at the Hotel Café in Hollywood, CA on April 13th. For those who wish to discover a vastly underrated talent within the City of Angels, Arrica Rose and the …’s are not to be missed!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Joanne Scaglione 6 years ago

    Fabulous review…accurate and well- deserving of this artist!

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