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Luke Potter is an engaging singer/songwriter based out of the UK whose career is just beginning to take flight. A recent collaboration with noted producer Bleu (Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers) resulted with a stunning new EP of pop rock perfection entitled One Day. Wistful and heartfelt, the songs contained within are guaranteed to move even the most hardened of music critic. Recently, Luke found himself back in the Southland, staying at a hotel on the legendary Sunset Strip – in town to record with Bleu once again. We caught up with Mr. Potter poolside for an exclusive interview to discuss his breathtaking songs, impressions of Hollywood, a chance encounter with his favorite band The Goo Goo Dolls, and many other topics of intrigue. Read on, and at the end of the interview, find out how you can WIN your very own autographed copy of the One Day EP…

What are your overall impressions of Hollywood, and is it everything you thought it was going to be?
I remember the first time I came here, I was quite shocked. The culture was really, really shocking. I remember waking up the next day with this massive smile on my face – I felt like this is where I want to be and I love it here. The weather is great – most of the time I guess. I’d love to end up being here eventually as the years go on – hopefully my career can take me in this direction and I’ll be here.

One Day is such a gorgeous song. What inspired the lyrics for that one?
It was actually an apology letter that I wrote to someone. I remember I was with this girl – I was with her for about two years. She was making a drink in my kitchen and I was writing a song – I knew that me and her weren’t going to last forever – but I loved her. I loved her very much, and I knew it wasn’t going to last forever, so I started writing down sort of an apology letter just to say that one day I hope you can forgive me for the fact that this might not work out. I can’t help it if I’m myself and I hope that one day everything is going to be okay.

Has she heard the song?
I don’t think she knows, no. I’m sure as the year’s progress, she may figure it out sooner or later.

Since we’re on the topic of some of the songs on the EP, what exactly is the Chance Worth Taking?
Chance Worth Taking – again it goes back to the love theme, doesn’t it? Again, it’s sort of my opinion on that relationship at that stage – it has to be a chance worth taking – even if it’s wrong or right, if you don’t take the chance, you’ll never know. I guess that’s what I was trying to say when I wrote that song – you’ve got to do something because doing nothing is doing nothing!

Breathe In is quite a rocker compared to the other songs. What made you decide to rock it out and is there a story behind that song?
You know what, it’s one of those songs that really doesn’t have a story behind it – to be completely honest. I just sat down to write with a pen and paper – just felt like playing some music, and that’s what came out and those are the lyrics that came along with it. I love playing it live and I get a great reaction when I play it live. I’ve had several people upload things onto YouTube with them dancing to it, which is pretty amazing! I never expected anything like that to happen. But yeah, I’m very proud of that song.

How close are you to recording a new EP or full length?
I’m about a week away from going back into the studio with Bleu – the same guy who I recorded that EP with. And hopefully I’ll be back over in October to finish and hopefully get an album out called It’s Okay To Dream.

How will these new songs compare to what you’ve already recorded?
I don’t think I’m going for a different sound. I think the sound is really there – I like the freshness and I really like what Bleu did with the arrangements – I love them. I think this time around, I have a better idea of what I want to accomplish. And I would say that my lyrics and my melodies are growing every day, the older I get.

There is at least one video of a fan covering one of your songs that I’ve seen. How does that make you feel to watch fans cover your songs – for better or for worse?
(Laughs) It’s funny, I talked about the fact that I saw these girls dancing in a room (to one of my songs). I sat in the living room with my best friends, and I remember clicking on this link, and they were asking me what was wrong, because I was in complete utter shock that this was actually happening to me. It’s an amazing feeling, but it’s very scary at the same time. To think that people would do that for my music is absolutely incredible! They made their own proper dance and it was absolutely crazy – I can’t explain how crazy it made me feel.

lukepotterdaze1400xAnd same with the singing covers?
I think it’s brilliant that these fans of mine want to do this. It just shows their complete faith in my music and love for it. I don’t really cover songs like that normally, so for other people to want to cover my songs is just amazing! I’ve got a comment on YouTube today on my inbox saying how much I’ve help them. When I get emails like that, it just makes everything worth it. It’s great!

You did a tour over in the UK. How did that go and what was it like playing at schools as opposed to venues?
I tell you what – it was sort of a learning curve for me – sort of learning how to play and how to make the crowd interact with me. And you know – I got a great response! School kids are school kids – but they’re still an audience and they still react the way all of us do. In fact, they’re probably more honest than a lot of people who grow up. It was an amazing experience and the travelling was immense. Getting up and playing at 8 in the morning is amazing. It was a great learning curve for me, and I hopefully will be doing it next year as well.

When you did this tour, were there actually kids that knew who you were and who knew the songs?
I didn’t think there would be, but I think as I started touring, I gained some sort of momentum. I went to other schools, and I got emails from fans at the end saying, “No one knew who you were, but one of my friends told me about you. And when you came onstage, I was so excited that you actually showed up at my school. I can’t believe you showed up at my school!” Playing for such a big area as London – or Kent as we call it – to have your name spread around that area is pretty big. I was really excited for that to happen.

If The Goo Goo Dolls invited you to appear on a Tribute Album to cover one of their songs, what song would you do by them and why?
First of all, I’ve actually got some really cool news. When I came over here last, I went to a baseball game with the guy who’s produced my EP. He invited one of his friends along and his name was Steve. I had no idea who this guy was – I thought he was just his friend – I had no idea he was into music and stuff. It just so happened that he was the string arranger for The Goo Goo Dolls last album. And I had my Goo Goo Dolls top on – I was there representing – it just so happened that I had it on. And he turned around to me while we were watching the baseball and he showed me his website and he showed me what he had done – and obviously my heart dropped to the floor. He said that if I ever come out here and they’re playing again, that he might be able to get me in to meet the band. And I’m going to see them tomorrow night!

Where are they playing?
The Troubadour! But I got an email from Steve thankfully, and he said that he’d reached out to the band and I’ve got to get ahold of the keyboard player – and hopefully he’s going to introduce me to the rest of the band. There’s obviously mixed emotions going through my head right now. So I’ll bring up the cover idea. (laughter) But that’s a good question! I’ll probably cover – I know it’s the obvious one, but I’d cover Iris – because of that song and because of lots of other songs that they’ve written – that’s why I do music. If I could ever do anything like that – which I knew they would look at – like I do with most things, I’d put my absolute heart and soul into it and just hope that they like it.

What advice would you give a young musician wanting to get his or her music out there to the world?
I’ve been asked this question a few times by a lot of school kids – what sort of advice would you give me? And I think getting your music out there is a must – but I think first you’ve got to start smaller than that. I think you have to be more conscious on what you are writing about and what you want to say to people. Unless you get the message you want to send across, then you’ve got nothing real to give people. I pride myself on what I say in my songs, because it means everything to mean. I can’t go out and perform a song if I don’t mean the words that I’m singing – and that’s the dead honest truth. I don’t think I could do it. But just be yourself and tell the truth. If you want to get heard, then you’ll make it happen. And just surround yourself with people that are going to help you in the best way that you possibly can – and try your best!

Do you have any messages for people reading this who might want to check your music out?
Just try and give my music a chance. You don’t know if you don’t try. I can promise that I put everything I have into what I do – and hopefully that comes across in what I do. I started out, and I’ve come a long since that first seven track album that I put out – and here I am now. And I hope you enjoy it.

(Interview and Candid Photo by Kenneth Morton)

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