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Lux is an exciting new indie rock band from the Columbus, Ohio area whose infectious tunes and live performances are beginning to make an impact in and out of their hometown.  Their EP Art Of Independence has been released on Itunes – a kaleidoscope of sound that is inspiring and well worth checking into.   Here is a recent interview we conducted to find out more about the band we’ll surely be hearing a lot more from in future days…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in LUX and how long the band has been together.
Jesse: I’m Jesse Johnson, lead vocalist, guitarist, piano and lyricist. Alex Johnson is my brother the drummer and Cameron Rochte plays the bass. Jarred Lawson joined us about a year ago as another guitarist. We have been playing together for three years and officially formed the band LUX a year ago.

Where is the band based out of and what is the music scene like there?
Jesse: LUX was formed in Columbus, Ohio. The local music scene is typically death metal or screamo, but since our formation, we have met a couple great bands and venue managers. It seems like there are more indie and folk bands emerging in the past few years and we’re happy to be a part of it.

Being unsigned, how easy or difficult has it been to record and release everything pretty much on your own?
Jesse: We assume that it would feel pretty sweet to be signed, but so far we have been constantly growing and meeting new fans and groups that are willing to help us. We had to be very resourceful to find the right recording studio, raise funds, book shows and get our EP out there, but I think that we have done a great job for being on our own and we are really thankful for those that helped. Although we do have great support, having enough money and a good image is a constant struggle.

Tell me about the Art Of Independence and why did you chose to call your EP that?
Jesse:  My younger brother Alex thought of the name “Art of Independence.” Our goal as musicians is to provide a fresh state of mind where people can escape from their daily obligations and be inspired to think for themselves. We try to be very euphoric in our writing style and want people to experience a sense of freedom when listening to it, hence the name.

When will the music on Seaching (Feat D.Y.M.) be available on Itunes and how does it differ from what’s recorded on the EP?
Jesse: Our new song Searching will not be on Itunes until we have a few more pieces to put up with it. However, it is a free download, so go to our myspace! ( The song is different in the fact that it is the only one which we have done as a collaboration. The hip hop is a different aspect which we had a great time doing. We thought it was a unique twist on our natural style and energy.

What is the inspiration behind the song You Said Yes?
Jesse: I knew someone that was diagnosed with a brain tumor out of nowhere. I was thinking about how his life was out of his own hands and how his goals were hindered because of his fate. So, I started thinking about a loss of hope, a struggle with a higher power and how to persevere through whatever happens in life.

Where do you get your ideas for your other lyrics?
Jesse: I am very visual person and seem to process ideas by writing them as lyrics. I generally get inspired to write by people and circumstances. For example, the song “Light of Day” is kind of written from God’s perspective and the path towards Him. The line “follow me with caution, my road is less often traveled on…” refers to the fact that many things in life are hard to do but are worth it when you get where you are going.

What could one expect from a live LUX show?
Cameron: LUX shows consist of a high-energy performance that is both fun, and interactive with the crowd. We also try to incorporate a fun light show and a strong stage presence. We really like to have fun and let people see who we are.

Who are some of the bigger bands you have opened for in the past and what was that experience like?
Cameron: We have been blessed to have the opportunity to open for the Christian band Big Daddy Weave (Fervent Records), The Great Transparency (Razzbarry Records), The Bigger Lights (Doghouse/Warner Bros Records), The Scenic (Victory Records), and For The Foxes (Hopeless Records). Opening for all of these bands has been a blast, and it has helped us to expand our fan base.

Is there any story behind the band name LUX?
: My girlfriend heard of some girl who’s name was Lux and loved it. I thought it was a cool name too and looked up the meaning. Turns out LUX is a unit of illumination, aka a measurement of light. I liked the idea that light could be measured and its strength could be calculated.

What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most after hearing your music for the very first time?
Cameron: First and foremost, we would like the listener to feel uplifted. We want our music to convey a message of hope and want them to connect and relate to the music. We are a young band, but always want to sound professional. All of us are fans of classic and alternative rock, and want to reflect that but with our own original twist.

Any chance of LUX going out on the road and doing some shows? Have you had the opportunity to tour yet?
Cameron: We have some upcoming opportunities to play in New York, Chicago, and a few other cities and states in the Midwest. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to tour yet. However, we hope to book some small three-date weekend tours before summer, and then a larger summer tour.

What is the most embarrassing or unusual song each member of LUX has on their IPOD?
Jesse: We all have some pretty fun and embarrassing songs on our Ipods. Cameron has Rick Astley “Never going to give you up.” Jarred is an in the closet Abba fan and loves the song “Dancing Queen.” Jarred and Alex actually also have a deep obsession with Taylor Swift. I have to admit I really like Willow Smith’s “I Whip My Hair.”

Any final words of wisdom?
Jesse: Always put the seat down. Try not to piss the girlfriends off, it will have terrible ramifications. You can never eat too much Chipotle. No Taco Bell before long car rides.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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