MAAX: Unholy Rock & Roll Out Now; Live Dates Announced

Unholy Rock & Roll, the latest release from those metal thrashing bastards in MAAX is now available in Digi-CD format through Abyss Records. A beer-fueled noisefest that bulldozes Motorhead’s attitude into Entombed’s groove, Unholy Rock & Roll is everything a dirty thrash album should be.

To celebrate the release of Unholy Rock & Roll, MAAX will invade the Heorot Pub and Draught House in Muncie, IN with guests THE HORDE, SOSAYETH and DISDAIN for a CD Release Party. The release party will see MAAX officially welcome drummer Dave Dalton (Legion, Ratzkrieg, SoSayeth) into the band.

MAAX will also join BRUTAL TRUTH, HIRAX, INTERNAL BLEEDING and many more at this year’s Goregrowler’s Ball in San Antonio, TX, which runs November 18th – 20th. MAAX will perform on Saturday, Nov. 19th. Visit for details on the fest. For more on MAAX, visit

Unholy Rock & Roll and more MAAX merchandise available at

Coldest Steel
Fight Fire With Fire
Unholy Rock & Roll
Do What Thou Wilt
Rot n’ Roll
Purge Of Depravity 2 (The Pentagram)
Black Thrash ‘Em All
One More Time

Maax have little interest in anything other than forging ahead with fist-banging mayhem.”

This isn’t ‘deep’. No, this is meant to kick in the ribs of the opposition, spit or urinate on its victims and then hit the road in a high speed motorcycle escape from the local authorities.
From The Dust Returned


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