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It’ s been a while since the last Print Edition of Highwire Daze. As many of you know, we’ve totally had our website redone, and that has been the main focus for the last few months. Many thanks to Jason Mageau at Malus Clothing and BlkHeart Productions for doing such a tremendous job on web design!

We’ve come a long way since our Tripod and Geocities days when Highwire Daze first went online. Print may slowly become a thing of the past, but for now, here you have in your hands Issue 119, our big summer edition that you’ve either picked up at the Warped Tour or at one of the many clubs or record stores who carry it. Please check out our website for exclusive interviews and articles not in this issue as well as longer versions of the stories that do appear here in print. Thank you for your support and now on to the sketches…

MADE IN IRELAND SHOWCASE at Molly Malones, Hollywood, CA – 06/08/10
I’ve been MySpace buddies with singer/songwriter Aaron Shanley for a few years now, so when he told me he was coming over from Ireland to do some shows here in Los Angeles, it was certainly something to look forward to. After a cancellation due to crazy volcano action on the other end of the world, Aaron was finally able to flee Belfast for a week to visit the enigmatic City Of Angels.

I first caught Aaron and few other Irish acts at the Renaissance Hotel at Hollywood and Highland – and what a special night it was. Irish pop and $3 beers right in the heart of Hollywood. And then the next night Aaron and his comrades performed a showcase at Molly Malone’s on Fairfax, doing a Made In Ireland presentation for a bunch of industry types.

Up first was the talented Mr. Shanley, opening the night with the wistful Sometimes People Just Fall Out Of Love. Fans of Elliott Smith and The Lilac Time should absolutely enjoy the compositions Shanley has to offer. Moving from acoustic guitar to piano, Shanley closed his short set with the absolutely stunning I Know She Lies.

Silhouette a.k.a. Shauna Tohill was up next, weaving her magical musical spells throughout the room. Channeling the likes of Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell, Shauna is a mesmerizing singer well worth checking into. Playing on both guitar and piano, she exuded a good amount of star quality as well as highly memorable tunes. A few of her best songs include the wondrous Put The Silence On Hold and the mystical Watching The Stars.

Clownparlour took to the Molly stage, presenting a unique set of quirky indie tunes that was impressive to behold. The brainchild of one M. Mormecha, amongst the four songs performed was a terrific little number entitled Stanley Kubrick, of which there is also a video of on their MySpace.

Closing out the night was Kiernan McMullan, a resourceful singer/songwriter originally from Ireland who now makes the roads of the United States his second home. Constantly on tour, McMullan has some terrific stories to tell in his songs, and at the Made In Ireland showcase, he delivered the type of performance that gets you signed! One extremely delightful aspect of the show was when McMullan laid down several loops live on computer on the song Set You Free, including multiple guitar parts and his own backing vocals all created from scratch. Other songs performed included Fireworks, Running On Empty, and That Afternoon. Be sure to check out his new acoustic recording, entitled The Best Part EP – as well as his previous full length Perfect People Are Boring – now available on ITunes!

A perfect night of entertainment at the perfect venue, proving that Ireland does, indeed rock!

Aaron Shanley –
Kiernan McMullan –
Silhouette –
Clownparlour –

See everyone at Warped Tour, Cool Tour, Scream The Prayer Tour, and all the other tours coming through this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sherri Anne 9 years ago

    Sad I missed this show. Aaron’s music is great and Kiernan sounds like quite a find!

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