Abandon All Ships

Malocchio1Malocchio by Abandon All Ships (Velocity / Rise Records)

Canadian band Abandon All Ships are back with their third studio album and will make their permanent mark on the metalcore / electronic scene upon its release. Over the years Abandon All Ships has been through a bunch of different line membership changes and couldn’t seem to find a permanent line up. Now with their third record Malocchio, it seems they have found their groove and are here to dominate. Mixing a variety of metalcore and electronic music to fuse together to make the perfect mix, Malocchio shows that this band has done nothing but mature and grow with their sound.

abandon2014To begin the album, guitarist Kyler Browne, bassist Martin Broda, and drummer Melvin Murray start with a fast paced beat and riff that starts the album with a bang. Still in just the first song Reefer Madness, comes vocalist Angelo Aita with some fast paced screams and an electronic dance beat by keyboardist Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez. The album continues to explode into bigger and better lyrics from both vocalists (clean / unclean) and we must not forgot the heavy aspect of each song.

With heavier songs such as Centipede and Trapped, the hardcore kids will most definitely get their fix, as well as the more dance based fans with songs such as Paradise and High Roller. This mix between dance and dubstep with metal is perfect. With fast paced beats to get everyone pumped up and then driving into a heavy breakdown, every fan base is going to be pleased. All in all, Abandon All Ships is here to dominate the scene with a mixture of metal and dance with the album Malocchio. Be on the look out for these guys to grow into bigger and better things as the time goes on.

(Review by Edward Brandon)

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