Marilyn Manson at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater

marilynmansonirvine1Marilyn Manson, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, July 9, 2015

Marilyn Manson at The End Times Tour in Irvine was nothing short of phenomenal, he came out on stage with “Deep Six” off his latest album The Pale Emperor. Every time I see Manson he puts on the best show ever. To be fair I’ve only seen him twice, but both times have blown my mind. Manson has paved the way for so many artists and bands today, he’s a legend that will never be put to rest. At one point in the show Manson said, “sorry for all the school shootings“, which was peculiar. The school shootings were never his fault, but they have affected his career. He obviously feels bad, and has been put to blame in the past, his name is now clear though. The world needs Marilyn Manson, and we always will need him. He’s the reason so many artists have successfu the crowd with all of his songs, It’s impossible not to have so much energy flowing through you when watching a musical mastermind. He’s taught everyone it’s okay to be unique, be yourself and love who you are. He has some incredible stage presence, as well as the rest of the band. He can be pretty bizarre at times too, like when he snorted a little cocaine on stage and burned a bible, but that’s Manson. Marilyn Manson is his own type of god, and a god to many others you could say.

Another memorable part of his set was when he came back out on stage with stilts during “Sweet Dreams“. One song I’m upset he didn’t play was “The New Shit“, but the rest of his set list was fantastic. More than half the crowd at the venue was there to see the legend himself, and left after he played. It was more of the younger people in the crowd.

The most noteable part of his set was when he threw it back old school for a couple songs, “Angel With the Scabbed Wings“, “AntiChrist Superstar” and “Lunchbox“. I think he mixed those songs in there for the older crowd, which was definitely an awesome experience to hear those songs! If you’re all about saying f*ck religion, and being offensive in every way then Marilyn Manson is your go-to artist to see live, never a bad time seeing him. His set was 10/10, flawless as it should be!

1. Deep Six
2. Disposable Teens
4. No Reflection
5. Third Day of a Seven Day Binge
6. Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover)
7. Angel With the Scabbed Wings
8. Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover)
9. Rock Is Dead
10. The Dope Show
11. Lunchbox
12. Antichrist Superstar
13. The Beautiful People

(Review and Photo by Talia Farber)

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