Mark Williams Band

Starlit Stages by Mark Williams Band (Self-released EP)

The first time I interviewed Mark Williams was in 2007 and he was all of 15 years old. And at that young age, the musician had accomplished a lot in his life – including the release of a full length CD called Reckless as well as sharing the stage with BB King at the living legend’s own club in Nashville, TN. Williams is now 18 years of age, and continues to grow tremendously as a musician and songwriter. Now with a complete band in tow, their latest release is a super cool collection of  songs entitled Starlit Stages.

Although influenced by everyone from Taking Back Sunday to Hendrix, Williams has developed a style that’s all his own. This concept is ever so apparent in the opening track Wonderful, an infectious track with fuzzy guitars and a beat that will get your toes tapping. One could easily imagine infinite radio play for this gem!

Lover’s Into Liars is up next, an anthem-like ballad with a soaring chorus and spiraling guitar interludes. The Surface is an attitude driven rocker complete with even more inspired guitar work that really shows off how skillful of a musician Williams is.  “I’ll break your heart like I break promises,” Mark croons on this one with a fierce sense of conviction in his voice.

Stella is a wondrous exercise in classic rock with a distinctive twist, about a woman who “holds me hostage in the dark.” Even more stunning axe work may be found in this evocative closing track. Vocals on all songs are clear and dynamic, effectively conveying the edginess of the lyrical content.

Williams has surrounded himself with a band of talented musicians, including Fabio Amato on drums, Aaron Windfield on keys, Christian Mendoza on guitar, and Bones on bass. Signifying the next chapter in an already brilliant career, the adult Mark Williams continues to shine in a world otherwise concerned with whatever the latest musical trend is. But Williams know how to rock, and as we all well know, rock and roll will never die! Expect to see the Mark Williams Band electrifying those Starlit Stages in your town soon!

(Review by Kenneth Morton – Photo by Mark Borderud)

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