Adam Marsland returns with the highly successful “Adam’s 70’s Show” for a 2010 year end finale!

Former Cockeyed Ghost frontman and sometime Wrecking Crew collaborator Adam Marsland returns with the highly successful “Adam’s 70’s Show“–a collaboration between the Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band (which boasts the incomparable Evie Sands on guitar, vocals, keyboards) and members of the LA music community. This show will be the End-of-Year Finale with musical guests choosing their “best of” to perform and will be held on Friday, December 10th at Brennan’s Pub in Marina Del Rey.

Los Angeles musician Adam Marsland brings together various people in the roots and pop communities of L.A. and invites them up with the Chaos Band to sing a ’70s song of their choice. It took people a while to catch on the possibilities of this concept, but caught on they have…there will be more than 20 guests on tap for the show, with their song choices ranging from the better known classics to the more obscure deep album cuts. Together with returning songs from other shows, Adam’s solo set, and Chaos-performed ’70s covers, there will be upwards of three dozen ’70s songs performed.

Marsland, when speaking of a past show said, “It always fascinates me the songs people pick out for this thing, stuff I would never think of. There’s not a lot of country music chosen…the closest thing this time is a pretty fingerpicking singer-songwritery hit, where I get to further expand my newly developed fingerpicking skills (I learned for the first time at the Alex Chilton show). There’s yet another Van Morrison tune, but no one’s complaining about that. Shockingly, Supertramp, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones were requested for the very first time. But my favorite of all of the requests, for the second show in a row, came from Brian Whelan. Last time he picked out an obscure Fleetwood Mac tune, “I Know I’m Not Wrong.” This time it was an absolute classic of Memphis soul. Every time we play the midsection of this song, everyone in the band smiles and starts to relax. I said to Evie, “every time we hit the bridge I remember why I started playing music” and she grinned, “yeah! Me too!”

When: Friday, Dec. 10 – 9pm
Where: Brennan’s Pub, 4089 Lincoln Bld., Marina Del Rey

Adam’s ’70s Show End-of-Year Finale
Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band with:
Dan Janisch / Nelson Bragg / Anny Celsi / Rich McCulley / Evie Sands / Steve Barton / Susan James / Steve Moramarco / Steve Gregoropoulos / Debra Tala / Norm Kelsey / Carolyn Edwards / Rob Z / Anna Maria Rosales / Jeff Merchant / Tina diGeorge / Aimee Lay / Jennifer Gibbons / Mona Elyousef / David Kaufman / Tony Perkins / Tom Richards / and quite a few more besides….

To Learn More:

Dafni Amirsakis with Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band – “Anarchy in the UK”

If power-pop were marketable, Adam Marsland would be a millionaire, or at least a household name.“–Pop Matters


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