A Hot Summer of Warped with Memphis May Fire

IMG_2020The Vans Warped Tour was recently in Southern California, making a total of four stops in the area. One of the artists on the Main Stage this year was Memphis May Fire, a collective who has literally exploded into the stratosphere since the release of their magnum opus Challenger last year on Rise Records. Front man Matty Mullins remains a busy force on and behind the scenes at Warped. A true voice for this new generation, in addition to their exhaustive sets, Matty takes time to chat with fans via meet and greets as well as an exclusive program on the music industry entitled Bandhappy.

In spite of a super busy schedule at the Ventura date of the Warped Tour, Matty took the time to catch up with Highwire Daze to discuss this brand new year on Warped, the Bandhappy program, news on a new Memphis May Fire album, and other topics of interest. And now from the press area at Seaside Park, Highwire Daze presents a brief yet enriching conversation with the one and only Matty Mullins. Read on…

How has Warped Tour been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
Warped Tour is incredible man! Just being on the Main Stage is a huge honor! We’re stoked to be here, and every day is a highlight. Every day is great!

Now that you’re touring Warped for a second time, does it become any easier for you?
I would say knowing the way that things work and being a vet with Warped – I think it’s definitely a little bit easier in that aspect. But the heat and the live shows and everything – none of that ever gets easier. It’s a constant workday – and we’re even busier this summer. I wouldn’t say easier, but we definitely know the ropes.

So far so good with the heat – you haven’t hit anything terrible yet…
Not too bad yet.

IMG_2065What advice would you give a band about to do this tour for the first time?
Make sure that your crew is awesome and ready to work hard. Drink a lot of water – get a lot of sleep. You don’t have to party every night – despite what everybody tells you. Get your amount of rest, because you’re not here to party – you’re here to put on a live show for the people that paid for tickets to come and see you, so make sure that you’re doing that.

Tell me about the song Vices from the Warped Tour compilation and what inspired the lyrics.
The songs Vices is about – a lot of friends of mine – close family and friends that we have seen let substance abuse take over their lives. I think a lot of times we try to find ways to cope with the hardships of everyday life – and the second you get a taste of what alcohol or any drug can do for you – with calming your mind or easing the pain – I think a lot of people get addicted to that and it starts to take over their lives without them knowing it. And that’s what Vices is about. I think it’s happening to a lot of friends, and I hope that they can find their way out of that.

With Challenger being released about a year ago, how close are you guys to recording a new album? Have you written any new songs?
Our next record is almost completely done being written. Right after Warped Tour, we have August to write and September we go in to record.

Has Bruno Mars heard your cover of Grenade and commented on it yet?
I don’t know and I honestly don’t care. I’ve never been a Bruno Mars fan. We just did that for Punk Goes Pop, and the song turned out cool – but whether he liked it or not is not an issue to me.

mattydaze1If you could open for any band now or from the past, who would it be and why?
I would like to go out with bands like Blindside, Acceptance, Terminal, My American Heart – the bands that really inspired me from back in the day when I was coming up. I guess those would be the bands – bands that really aren’t bands anymore.

How have the Bandhappy workshops been going and what’s that been like to do them for you?
Honestly, Bandhappy is one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s great! Me and Kellin (Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens) have put together a really solid outline to teach kids about the music industry and what to expect – some of the hardships we went through and how they can overcome those speed bumps when they’re coming up in the music industry. And I think that everybody that’s coming is learning a lot and able to take away a lot of really good information from those workshops. So we’re really enjoying doing those.

You did a guest appearance on a Sleeping With Sirens song Congratulations. What was that experience like to record it? You’re even singing it with them on Warped this year!
It’s cool man. Kellin and I have been best friends for a long time now. So being able to collaborate – he sang on our last record and I sang on theirs – we just go back and forth and it was great! It’s a good experience.

Do you have any message reading this now?
Thank you so much for checking out this interview and coming out to Warped Tour and seeing our set. We really appreciate you guys!

(Interview and Candid Photo by Kenneth Morton – Live and Feature Photos by Edward Brandon)

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