Meshuggah at House of Blues – Anaheim

meshuggahfaceMeshuggah, House of Blues – Anaheim, April 13, 2015

Meshuggah at the House of Blues Anaheim was one of the biggest shows I’ve ever attended, and one of the most legendary bands I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph yet. One of the primary things I appreciated about Meshuggah’s show is how tight they were live. Their performance is precise, and their live sound is very clean.  I love how much work and coordination went into the light production as well. The light man is practically the 6th member of the band, as he has to know their music as much as they do in order to properly synchronize up all the lights to the odd rhythms in their songs. This results in one of the most catastrophic, epileptic light shows on the market. The lights may have been fun to watch, but were surely difficult to photograph in!

Meshuggah-165_400x267I think everyone loved that Meshuggah played at a venue that’s usually smaller than they normally tend to play. They usually play The Wiltern, but decided to go with a more intimate venue for a change. It was more up close and personal than most big bands will get, in my opinion. Their stage presence was phenomenal for a band that is 25 years into their career. Jens is an absolute monster on vocals and I loved that he really tries to reach out into the audience and keep people moving. The guitarists hit every note perfectly and flawlessly while their drummer and bassist are one of the tightest musical backbones in the scene. So basically, they were better live than on recording, which is always a great thing.

Meshuggah is just one of those bands that just puts you in a daze or makes you go insane in the pit. Their set lasted two hours, and I’ve never seen a headliner go past one hour, so that was pretty awesome. Everything about the show was just phenomenal.

Rational Gaze
Do Not Look Down
The Hurt that Finds You First
Future Breed Machine
New Millennium Cyanide Christ
Straws Pulled at Random
In Death – Is Life
In Death – Is Death
Dancers to a Discordant System

(Review and Photo by Talia Farber)

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