My Genuine Find in the OC – A Chat with Bobby Mares

Bobby Mares of My Genuine Find (from Las Cruces, New Mexico) was recently at Chain Reaction in Orange County, performing songs from his various EP’s.  On tour with Plug In Stereo, My Geniune Find is unsigned, yet still manage to get their music out through avenues such as Itunes and Myspace.  A brand new EP Love Enough is about to be released, as well as a brand new Christmas single entitled Dreams Like Ours.  We spoke with Bobby Mares just prior to their set at the Chain Reaction to find out more about the new EP, the tour, and advice he has for other solo artists on the rise.  Fans of bands such as Never Shout Never and The Ready Set should really take note…

How has this tour been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
So far, so good. We were in Texas and that was really cool. We played a lot of the bigger venues that I had heard of, so it was really cool to actually be there. All of the kids have been super cool. And Arizona was crazy – it was like snowing yesterday. We were totally unprepared for that! It was snowing in Flagstaff. And now we come to awesome California, and it’s very nice out here. All the shows have been awesome – all the people have been awesome – so it’s been really cool.

Is this your first tour outside of New Mexico?
We’ve done a few kind of Hot Topic tours – just a lot of smaller scales. We’ve done some private show tours. This is the first real big one that’s a little lengthy and it’s at nice venues. It’s been pretty cool.

Is this your first time in California?
No, I’ve been here a few times. I’ve never been to Anaheim before, and it’s so nice over here. And LA too – we were just there, so it was really cool.

And Disneyland is just literally right down the road from here…
Yeah, that’s what I hear. That’s so cool!

So is there any story or concept behind the new EP title Love Enough?
Mostly, it’s just like love. All of the songs have something to do with love – whether it’s loving life or loving a person, loving a situation, or something like that. It’s all still trying to be positive music. Love Enough is taken from a song called A Lot Like Love. It’s going to be the second track and it just says, “I don’t know if I love enough, but how much would we love if we could love too much.” It’s kind of taking a step back and having a perspective on what you love and how much you could love it. It just has a lot to do with love and stuff basically – but everything positive.

Tell me about the 1-2-3 song, the idea for the lyrics, and how Mod Sun and Nicakasaur got involved with it?
That one is just about loving your life – or kind of taking a step back from everything and seeing how good your situation can be like. I wrote it about how a lot of people that I’ve met – through Twitter and Facebook – all of them are like, “Aw, today was a bad day but music helps me through it.” And that’s just kind of like me writing telling people that everything is still okay in the grand scheme of things pretty much. So keep a smile on – and that’s what I wrote it about. I actually met Mod Sun at a show in Dallas – we both played the same show together and we were talking about maybe doing something together in the future. He has a real positive message too, and so I thought it would be perfect if he wanted to throw down a rap. I sent him the song without any bridge lyrics and just said, “Go to town with it – anything positive – whatever.” And he was like, “Yeah, I’ll do it. Of course!” And then my buddy Nickasaur – we met just through Stikam – online marketing and all that. We always went back and forth seeing if we ever wanted to do something together. And so I tossed him the whole EP and was kind of, “Anything you want to do with it – just mess around.” And he came back with the back up vocals for 1-2-3 and I loved it. I love all the stuff that both those guys do, so it was really cool to just give it to them and see what they could do with it.

It’s amazing how people can never meet and yet the can do albums together.
Yeah, definitely. That’s so cool! Like I’ve never met Nick from Nickasaur in real life, but he’s coming to the show tonight. We’re meeting tonight, but he’s already on my CD, which is coming out in a month. Both were recording at separate times. I recorded in Missouri, Nick recorded here in LA, and Mod Sun recorded in Arizona. Everyone just did their own thing, and it came out pretty cool!

Tell me about the song Gentlemen and what that one is about…
is about a situation where there’s very few old school, old-fashioned girls nowadays. It’s just kind of talking about meeting a girl that makes you kind of want to do everything the old fashioned way – and just be like a real nice gentleman – do everything the right way for her. It’s just about a special girl. Pretty much the whole song is saying how you meet someone, and you just want to treat them the best that you can.

What was the experience like playing Warped Tour this year and how did you wind up on the show?
Warped Tour was probably my favorite show I’ve ever played so far as My Genuine Find. It all took place with the Ernie (Ball) Battle of the Bands – I was just getting people to go (vote) every day – as many people as possible – and they chose 4 out of the top 10 for Las Cruces – and they chose me, which was really cool! Cuz I’ve been in bands before trying to get on it, and we never made it. So it was cool, having this be the first time I tried for it, and all of the fans just helped so much to make it happen. It was awesome! It was the best show I’ve ever done. It was a huge crowd and everyone was super nice! We actually got like a tent that we could sell merch from and meet everyone. All the crew and every one there was super nice and super professional about everything. It was really cool to be part of, and I hope I could do some more Warped Tour stuff in the future.

So for people that aren’t here tonight, what could one expect from a live My Genuine Find show?
A lot of people actually get caught off guard, because it’s just myself out there. They hear the CD and they know that it’s all just me on the CD playing everything. I think they expect a live band when they come and see me live. I have some backup tracks and I play guitar and I do all of the lead vocals. But it sounds like a full band is up there. And there’s a cool light show, which is probably my favorite part of everything. We fog out the room and just put on a cool light show too. So everything is kind of laid back and fun. And that’s the main point of the show – is just to have fun.

With bands like Never Shout Never, The Ready Set – and even your touring mate Plug In Stereo being signed to major labels – how close are you to being signed?
I don’t know. I’ve talked to a few so far, but no deals have caught my eye – yet. I’m definitely open to the possibility, but as of right now – I’m still no manager, no label, no booking and all that stuff – and just kind of doing things just one step at a time. But I’m definitely ready for the next everything. I’m just waiting for the right thing to come along.

You do pretty well by yourself, don’t you?
Yeah, so far, so good. We have videos – and like the Stikam people help me out a lot – as far as marketing. And the Twitter stuff is going good. Everything is going awesome. I’m definitely content how it is right now, but I’m definitely looking to go to the next step and try to get bigger shows and bigger everything.

What advice would you give a kid who’s doing a solo project – and beginning to realize that it’s quite a battle to get their music heard?
Yeah, definitely! What I did was just started via Myspace and Facebook – just talking to every single person and trying to add as many people as I can. Just make communication open and really try to talk to as many people as possible. Try to make as many songs as possible. And hopefully with that, it will be the right formula that people will take kindly to. It’s really about just talking to everyone you can, and just trying to get anyone you can to listen to the songs.

Are there any other touring plans for the future?
We’re thinking of doing some spring tours with Nickasaur and some other friends. It’s not 100 percent right now. I only know everything a few months in advance. Other than that, I’d be down to jump on stuff. But as of right now, there’s nothing solid. But there will be tours in 2011, that’s for sure.

What is it you’d like a listener to get out of hearing your music for the first time?
More than anything, just like a happy vibe. Maybe turn their day around. Or if they’re already having a good day, just keep it as a little soundtrack for the day. That’s all that I’m trying to do with my music – is just put positive, happy vibes out. And just let everyone know there’s a good side to everything – no matter what state of mind that they’re in at the time. Just put a smile on – if anything.

Do you have any messages for people in the Los Angeles/OC area?
Yeah, I love this area so much! I wish I could do a ton more shows over here. Hopefully in the future, there’s a lot more coming back over here and all that. There’s a good amount of people who are very nice to me over here, so it’s super nice to see, being so far away from home. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen, definitely!

(Interview and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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