Guitarist Michael Grant responds to Phil Lewis departure from L.A. Guns

michaelgrant1Guitarist Michael Grant responds to Phil Lewis departure from L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns Michael Grant has issued this statement regarding the departure of Phil Lewis from L.A Guns. In addition to L.A. Guns, Grant is best known for his work in Endeverafter and Michael Grant and The Assassins.  (Photo by Jack Lue)

Although I’m saddened by the end of one chapter, I’m excited for the start of the next. I wish no one would have to get burned through all of this but unfortunately we don’t live in that kind of perfect world. Phil has a right to feel the way he feels. You gotta respect how he came from the heart with all of that. Takes courage. I can actually relate to his feelings in regards to my own music MICHAEL GRANT & THE ASSASSINS. I’m fortunate enough to be joining Phil Lewis, Tracii Guns, Johnny Martin & Shane Fitzgibbon in the new line up of LA GUNS and we have a lot of tour dates already booked all around the world. So this isn’t the end but the beginning of something really cool.
– Michael Grant


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