Miss Fortune: Sexy, Dangerous, and Ready To Rock Your World!

Eddie Cano of Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune was created by Eddie Cano, the super charismatic former vocalist of the Rise Records band Scarlett O’Hara.  Joining in on the collective is Mikey Sawyer, who since the formation has been selected as the front man for Close Your Eyes.  Other musicians involved in the Miss Fortune adventure include ex-members of such noted acts as Make Me Famous and Famous Last Words.  The music found within Miss Fortune is dangerous, sexy as all hell, and judging by what’s been heard on their first single The Double Threat Of Danger – they are more than ready and able to rock your world.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with Eddie Cano to find out more about the new project, the songs, as well as his thoughts on the demise of his previous band Scarlett O’Hara. Read on…

How did the Miss Fortune project come about and where did you get the band name?
Not longer after Scarlett O’Hara announced their hiatus, I felt unfinished leaving the scene without being able to show my fans the progress, as well as the new ideas I had intentions of inputting on the second album. I decided to re brand my vision for this sound and searched for some true talent across the states. I met Luke Holland (Now the drummer of The Word Alive) and we had this idea to form this group called Miss Fortune. Although he didn’t remain our drummer, he refereed me to guitarist Josh Thelander, and from there everything else fell into place. Finding Mikey Sawyer who is a phenomenal vocalist, as well as adding to the talent with Baker Smith (Ex Famous Last Words member), Ian Marchionda, Harley Graves and Jace Thomas (Ex Make Me Famous member).

You recently released your first song The Double Threat of Danger. What is the inspiration for the lyrics?
What really inspired The Double Threat of Danger and it’s meaning were the experiences and rough patches made, departing from our former bands in hopes to find a better future for our own talents.

Your song was leaked online prior to the release. How do you feel about songs and whole albums being leaked prior to the release dates?
Well our song was going up as a Free download anyways, the only issue that I could see was the fact that the leaked version of the song was not the final produced mix we were initially supposed to release. With that said, you’ll probably be able to find two different mixes of our song out there. But all in all I think it played out just fine. As far as whole albums and singles being leaked I feel most kids out there need to understand that they’re not “helping the band” get publicity. Every penny counts in order for a band to survive. It is a fact that touring is how bands in this scene stay successful, but it doesn’t benefit them that their fans are downloading their music for free. You don’t see any of us riding in lamborghinis do you? So next time you see your favorite band break up, instead of coming up with your own theories and logical reason of why they departed, you should save yourself the time and take a look in the fucking mirror. Buy the music you want to listen to like you buy the clothes you want to wear.

Mikey Sawyer and Tyler Carter

How did Tyler Carter become involved with the song and will he be a major part of Miss Fortune in the future?
Mikey got in contact with Tyler and showcased the track for him. Tyler was digging the concept of the song and agreed to lay down some of his emotions for us. We are glad he could be a part of it and contributed to its success. We’ll gladly support anything new that may come from the talented singer, and as far as Miss Fortune, you can always expect surprises. We’re in the process of getting a dubstep remix done by Ty Acord from Atlantic Records. Also look out for possibly a Music Video? Who knows, all the more reasons to stay tuned and spread the word.

Do you still keep in touch with the guys in Scarlett O’Hara and why do you think it all fell apart?
I did for a while with most of the dudes, but life usually tends to have it’s toll on those kind of things. I recently got back in touch with Rene and we have been jamming out since. For the most part, I believe bands are like “a machine”. If one leg of the machine isn’t working, it won’t be able to move. Soon enough the rest of the pieces will rust with it and eventually fall apart.

With some of the problems the band was faced with, do you think Scarlett O’Hara was signed too soon? Why or why not?
I don’t believe we were signed to soon, I don’t think that has anything to do with our success or failure. I believe we weren’t all on the same boat traveling to the same island. If your passion is to make music, you’ll always make music evidently. If it isn’t your desired career, don’t sign to a label. You have to be committed to its ups and downs, being in a band is a job, and it can also be a business.

To you, what was the best and worst part about touring and being on the road?
The best part of being on the road was absolutely everything, I see former bands I toured with still out on the road and it motivates me to be back in a different city every day. Being home for some time can make you realize where you truly belong. The worst part would be missing your family, friends or loved ones. Thats the cliche answer even though it’s true, but honestly sometimes the weather can suck massive C*CK.

Any road horror stories you could share?
Waking up to a jumping spider the size of 2 hands, that’s a horror film for you.

How close is Miss Fortune is releasing an EP or an entire album?
We are in the process of finishing up Pre pro for the album. So far we have 4 songs completed and well be releasing updates with previews and all that good shit.

With Mikey Sawyer now the new lead singer for Close Your Eyes, how will this affect Miss Fortune in the future?
Well I guess we’ll just have to let time do it’s dirty work. But I have a feeling everything will fall in place and Miss Fortune will be on the road by fall.

Are you involved with any other bands outside of Miss Fortune?
I did start making pop music while I was home with Jace and Baker in a side project called Chase The Lights. Although that will be on hold for some time due to Miss Fortune and a completely solo project I have in the works.  Solely for making girls leak and dudes pump. Look out for it! #AA

What makes the music of Miss Fortune so sexy and worth seeking out?
Our endless amount of talent bundled up in one form of music, we’re not just a typical “post hardcore” band, we’re here to bring back talent in the scene and remind kids what music really can be. In hopes that we will get the endless amount of support that will be able to take us where we need to be.

Any final words of wisdom?
Tupac > B.I.G.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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