MISS FORTUNE (Ex-members of Close Your Eyes, Make Me Famous and Scarlett O’Hara) parts ways with vocalist, Eddie Cano

MISS FORTUNE Photo Credit: Colby Moore - Snakebit Photography All Rights Reserved 2012 (C)

Miss Fortune announced their new lineup, featuring Mikey Sawyer (ex-Close Your Eyes) and not featuring Eddie Cano (ex-Scarlett O’Hara). Here is the what the band had to say on their Facebook page

Dear friends, fans, and family alike,

We have decided to continue the path of MISS FORTUNE without the likes of our screaming vocalist, Eddie Cano.

We feel that he was not the right fit for our band and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Mikey Sawyer will be covering all vocal duties from this point forward.

We promise this will not change our musical direction in the slightest and we can’t WAIT to show you our full-length record.

Listen to a clip of our second single, ‘All the White Lies in the World’ featuring new screams below!


Much Love,
Mikey Sawyer, Josh Kikta Thelander, Jace Thomas, Harley Graves and Ian Marchionda

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