Memphis May Fire at House of Blues – Sunset Strip

mmflive1Memphis May Fire, House of Blues – Sunset Strip, March 26, 2014

I had the opportunity to go to the second to last night of the Unconditional Tour, Memphis May Fire’s tour in support of their new album Unconditional. The tour was supported with opening slots from The Word Alive, A Skylit Drive, Hands Like Houses, and Beartooth. The date wasn’t sold out, due to everyone attending Self Help Fest instead, but had a pretty good amount of people there. The Unconditional Tour was a success to say the least.

Memphis May Fire opened up their set with an oldie-but-goodie “The Sinner” off their album The Hollow from 2011. I was somewhat surprised they opened up with that song; I’d have thought they’d start out with either a new one or “Without Walls”, which they didn’t even play. Before Memphis even went on and while they were setting up, the crowd started to chant the lyrics of “Without Walls”. It was insane how excited they were, I’d never been to a show where that has happened. The things that really surprised me about their set
was how they played some old songs like “The Unfaithful,” “The Sinner,” “The Deceived,” and “Be Careful What You Wish For”. What really shocked me of all things though was they played “You’re Lucky It’s Not 1692”, a song off their first album Sleepwalking which was released in 2009. I’ve seen Memphis a few times, but they never played a song off that album. They took it far back for their old school fans which was awesome.

mmflive2Memphis May Fire is a band that really tries as hard as they can to connect with their fans. There were a few prime examples that night that showed they care and understand. When they started playing “Miles Away,” Matty Mullins dedicated the song to any military families and the military. That was a beautiful, heartfelt moment during their set. Also, Michael Jagmin, the singer of A Skylit Drive, came out and sang Kellin Quinn’s part of the song which was pretty cool and accurate since both singers have a very similar vocal range. Another example would be when Matty dedicated their song “Sleepless Nights” to anyone with anxiety or depression. He said he understands what one goes through, and he kept saying things like a lot of us are here tonight because we need this, and we are here for you, you’re not alone, etc. At one point during their set, Cory Elder, the bassist, jumped down off the stage into the crowd and gave them a big group hug. It’s so touching to see a band care so much for their fans.

The crowd was so wild their whole set, so many crowd surfers that the photographers got kicked out of the pit after a song and a half! There was lots of connection during their set. People said it was a crazy experience, and some even said it was life changing.

The Sinner
Alive In the Lights
No Ordinary Love
The Deceived
Be Careful What You Wish For
Miles Away
You’re Lucky It’s Not 1692
Sleepless Nights
The Unfaithful

Prove Me Right

(Review and Photos by Talia Farber)

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