As I Lay Dying Vocalist Tim Lambesis Forms Clothing Line Modern Rebellion

October 12, 2010 – San Diego, CA –Tim Lambesis, lead vocalist of the popular San Diego, CA Metal band As I Lay Dying has formed a new clothing company called Modern Rebellion. The company has launched an official website and merch store through 3rd Degree Merch.

The mission of the clothing line is to spread a positive message of charity and to often put one’s personal needs second to those of others. With that mindset Modern Rebellion will be giving profits to Trees Of Glory, a non-profit dedicated to providing clean water for Children in Duber, Ethiopia.

“For many of us growing up, rebellion was a way to fight against what we felt were pointless and oppressive rules. Times have changed. Today we often submit to popular thinking without notice and believe that our greatest purpose is to serve ourselves. The truest form of rebellion left is to reject this mindset and live for something more.

That is why I have partnered in starting Modern Rebellion. What I profit from this endeavor goes to support orphanages that I have personally visited and benefits a group of people much more deserving than myself. Beyond that, I think the apparel and designs themselves create a style that well represents my personal taste.” – Tim Lambesis

Purchase merchandise from Modern Rebellion and learn more about Trees Of Glory below.

Modern Rebellion Official Website –
Trees Of Glory Website –

  1. Kathy 8 years ago

    This is amazing. It’s great to see musicians doing something with their positions and shedding light on issues like this.

    Another great band to check out is All That Remains and their new cd 😉

  2. Preston 8 years ago

    Hey this is an amazing thing that you are doing. Things like this make me proud to be a fan of As I Lay Dying. I am glad to see someone can make a difference in this world of chaos.

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