Monarch Theatre, Next Door To The Moon, Alone Together at Amplyfi

Monarch Theatre at Amplyfi

Monarch Theatre at Amplyfi

Monarch Theatre, Next Door To The Moon, Alone Together, Amplyfi, January 30, 2016

The Amplyfi Club is situated literally in a back alley of Hollywood, right behind the sprawling Paramount Studios and a fast food joint named Astro Burger. One of the last true underground venues in the Hollywood area where the intimacy is endearing and the music off the hook, a visit to Amplyfi is a terrific way to spend an evening discovering the local talent.

And on the particular Saturday night, Monarch Theatre, Next Door To The Moon, and Alone Together all shared the stage, bringing a good amount of family, friends, and good times to the proceedings. At this particular place, you could casually chat with the band members outside in the alley between sets and then kick back in a chair, on the way too comfy couch, or stand right by the stage and enjoy the tunes. Here is a rundown of what commenced at Amplyfi on the final weekend of January 2016…

Calista of Alone Together

Calista of Alone Together

Alone Together

Arriving at the show a bit early, perhaps it was meant for the best, as Alone Together was on the stage performing their hearts out to the very packed club. An alternative teen rock band from Los Angeles, imagine the amalgamation of The Ocean Blue and Echosmith, and you are just beginning to envision what Alone Together has in store for you.

Calista on vocals and rhythm guitar, Chloe on bass and vocals, David on drums, Anthony on lead guitar demonstrate a ton of potential, presenting instantly memorable songs that would absolutely appeal to the Echosmith crowd. Calista’s especially expressive vocals bring the heartfelt lyrics to an ultra-vivid life. Also noteworthy is the wondrously sweeping guitar work Anthony presents, setting the tunes in rampant flight. Alone Together and their songs definitely resonate with their young audience. This is absolutely a band well worth revisiting in the near future.

Connor Daniel of Next Door To The Moon

Connor Daniel of Next Door To The Moon

Next Door To The Moon

It was now time to take a sonic journey and launch into Next Door To The Moon, a pop rocking trio from the City of Angels. Playing songs from their independent release entitled Invincible, Next Store To The Moon presented a solid set wonderfully infectious tunes. Opening song My Way (Look Into My Eyes) definitely sealed the deal, capturing the attention of the Amplyfi attendees.

Lead vocalist / guitarist Connor Daniel is a thoroughly impressive talent, conveying the lyrics with a wide-eyed sense of conviction that audiences really respond to. Rhythm section Zach Relles on bass and Jacob Guzman on drums added tremendously to the Next Door To The Moon sound, giving the songs an edginess and flair. One particular highlight of the set was Tell Me When It’s Over, a hit single in the making – and the band even has a video online for it! Next Door To The Moon exudes a good deal of promise – it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for this trio of musicians. Be sure to check out what Next Door To The Moon has to offer and catch up with a rising star!

Marc Llana of Monarch Theatre

Marc Llana of Monarch Theatre

Monarch Theatre

The first time Highwire Daze Online encountered the massively charismatic Marc Llana was at M15 in Corona, where his previous band Against The Ordinary unleashed a scorching version of the Alice Cooper classic I’m Eighteen – instantly captivating the early arrivals otherwise hellbent on seeing the headlining Lita Ford. That was then and this is now, and the present finds Marc Llana fronting a brand new collective who go by the name of Monarch Theatre. Presenting a captivating set of indie rock, Monarch Theatre opened with an inspiring rendition of the David Bowie classic Starman, paying tribute to one of the band’s many influences.

The vibrant tunes kept on emitting from the stage, with originals such as Freakshow and Hellzapoppin setting the imagination in flight. One of the most dazzling moments of the set arrived when Monarch Theatre unveiled the stylish Bahama Eclipse, exposing another side of a wildly unpredictable auditory ride. The musicianship found within Monarch Theatre is electrifying and resourceful, featuring the talents of Zach Gustafson on guitar, Shaun Thompson on bass and Sydney Pena on drums. As an ensemble, Monarch Theatre find their inspiration from a wide variety of sources, coming up with a selection of songs that are infinitive unique. As for the future, just go check into the kaleidoscopic sounds of Monarch Theatre and expect the unexpected.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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