Figurine EP by Moonbell (Self-released)

Anyone versed in early to mid-90’s British rock music will instantly recognize Moonbell’s influences, yet you can easily enjoy their sound without knowing their references.

The four song EP begins with Figurine’s fuzzy bass and David Paslay’s slow percussion drawing you into a trance. Then Garen Ingleby’s drawn out vocals drift in along with chiming guitars adding texture. Halfway through, the playing doesn’t so much build as focus ever so slightly, keeping up an overall hazy mood.

Urgence starts with the same fuzzy bass, a simple shaker and drum thump, the vocals joined by Lisa Dawn Covin’s keyboard stabs and ambient guitar fills, going in circles for five blissful minutes.

Nostalgia for the Future catches fire from the start, agile bass playing leading the charge, the guitars careening into the keyboards and aggressive snare rolls and cymbal crashes. Ingleby and Colvin’s vocals pile up to mesmerizing effect.

On “White Light” the vocals are more direct and forceful, the guitars, while still echoing, almost take the lead away from the dubby bass. In the middle, Colvin’s keyboards shine joyously through the hazy clouds of sound seguing into a pleasantly long climax and solo denoument.

Moonbell’s Figurine EP is for fans of early Ride, The Verve, Lush and Chapterhouse among many other classic albums and for fans of textured, blissed out rock’n’roll.

(Review by Bret Miller)

Moonbell Official Home Page


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