The Wright Stuff: Best Concert 2012

THE MOTELS, The Malibu Inn, December 21, 2012

The best live performance is going to The Motels at The Malibu Inn in Malibu on December 21st 2012. Had to wait all year for a great show to come along and stand out to be this years best live show. The venues stage is pretty small but such a huge successful band as Martha Davis And The Motels are, they filled in all the space of the 16 by 16 stage area that included a Christmas tree in one corner of it. The Motels have been in the USA touring a lot and even did a great performance at The Hollywood Bowl that stood out too over some other 1980’s Icons that were performing September 29th. The Malibu Inn had maybe 70 people for this intimate Friday night performance. Mostly adult and a few 21 and over college clubber’s where in attendance drinking and dancing around including doing the Conga during one of the songs in tonight’s show. They played a lively 2 hour full show. They even did a brand new Christmas song called Shiny Balls which was really good and should be recorded for a Christmas album.

The Motels started off with rockers of Mission Of Mercy, People Places And Things and Closets And Bullets. Tonight’s show was missing the keyboard player due to having his van broken into while on tour recently in San Francisco. So in tonight’s show they played Little Robbers and dedicated it to him.

Some of the main songs that everyone loved were also done like Cry Baby, So LA, Take The L, Suddenly Last Summer, Celia, Last Of The Bohemians and Apocalypso. My favorite song they did early in the set Total Control. Total control is one thing this band has over it’s audience.

The show ended with the great version of Only The Lonely which got the crowd standing and singing and dancing along. What a great night in a small intimate bar club on the beach. Way to go out for 2012. Thanks to the Motels for such a grand evening. Martha Davis and the band stuck around to sign autographs and to take picture with you as well. This was a class act and well worth the drive to go see in concert.

It was a cold 30’s degrees outside the venue and a hot time was had by all inside. Hope it’s not a long time before The Motels come back around again and perform. Maybe Martha Davis will come back and play songs from her solo materiel next time or include some during the show.

(Article by Jonathan D. Wright – Dodgy but Artistic Cell Phone Pic by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Jack Futrell 6 years ago

    Very excellent and informative review and makes me wish I had been there!!
    thank you Kevin

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