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motion1Motionless In White has completed a good deal of touring throughout the year, gaining a strong fan following all across the nation. Their EP When Love Met Destruction has been out on Fearless Records for a little over a year, and the guys are now on the verge of recording an entire new collection of tuneful darkness. Highwire Daze recently caught up with two of the MIW members to find out more about this amazing new band.

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Motionless In White and tell me what’s the strangest song you have on your IPOD.
: I’m Chris, I sing in Motionless In White. And the strangest song I have on my IPOD – probably something by Emimen,
Angelo: I’m Angelo – I play drums – I have a bunch of WWE Wrestling Themes on my IPOD.

Where is the band based out of and what is the music scene like there?
Chris: We’re based out of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. It’s been kind of up and down for the last couple of years. There used to be a lot of show and a lot of venues – but the venues started dying out one by one. So like as they go, the kids stopped going. We’re at that now – it’s still good. Compared to a lot of places that we played, there’s still a lot of people – but it’s definitely dying out because of venues closing one right after another. I still love playing there – but nowhere to play.

Your band name came from an 18 Visions song. How did you go about asking 18 Visions if you could use the song?
Chris: Originally we didn’t. We didn’t have a CD or anything recorded – we were just a band at that point. Eventually I got to see them at a show at one of the tours they were on and talked to their bass player Mick. I just came right out and asked, “I don’t know if you’d be mad about this, but my band name is after one of your guy’s songs.” And he was like, “Cool, it’s actually an honor, cuz a lot of bands get their names from a lot of band’s songs.” So that pumped us up. And now actually, we’re really good friends with him. He has a clothing line that sponsors our band – so it’s really cool.
Angelo: We picked the name because we actually like the band – and now to have them friends with us is cool.

motion2What does the name Motionless In White mean to you?
Chris: For me or for all of us- (18 Visions) was the band that sort of stuck out for us – and they were doing exactly what we wanted to do. They brought an image to music. A lot of people get shit for looking the way you do playing music – and they didn’t care. They did that. No matter what style they were – they were heavier than we were at one point. But they just did stuff that we admired – and they meant a lot to us as a band. It just seemed like it was a good fit for our band, and we went from there. That’s all the story is behind it. Their band means a lot to our band, so it’s a sort of carrying on thing – like an homage you would say.

While on the road, do you ever get strange looks in hick towns because of your tattoos or anything? Any interesting stories?
Chris: Oh yeah! You can have the exclusive story. We were playing in Oklahoma City, and these two kids that were look they G-Thug kids all dressed up and whatever. They decided to call us names and throw stuff at us, And we were like, “Get out of the car.”
Angelo: They were throwing stuff at our van for no apparent reason. We were just pumping gas. They pulled up right next to our van. I guess with kids like us, they don’t expect us to say anything.
Chris: We were like, “Get out of the car!” They tried attacking our bass player and we took care if it from there. Everywhere we go, we get looks. We get names called. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hick town or a big city anywhere. People don’t understand the look, and they think we just worship the devil. We get that a lot, but that was the first time anyone tried to attack us because of it. We fought back. We like bragging about it.

How close are you guys to recording a full length?
:  We’re hoping to record in January, so we’re writing the record right now. We’re spending a month in California, staying here specifically writing the record. It’s going to be amazing! It’s going to be a next step up from everything that we’ve done so far.

Where do you get the ideas for the lyrics you write? Cite two of your songs and tell me what they are about.
: Most of the songs are only about two different things. Really, really personal thoughts about things I’ve been going through. If you listen to any of them, they are just about my view on a specific person – I guess you could say a relationship that sucked really bad – and still sucks really bad. It’s When Love Met Destruction – the whole album is just about how I’m torn with this love and hate relationship – where I really love this person, where at the same time I hate them so much. I can’t break away from them, no matter how much I want to. The songs are just basically saying that through the lyrics. And then there’s another song called Whatever You Do, Don’t Push The Red Button – which is the other kind of lyrics I write. I like horror movies a lot, so I try to write lyrics that give people a chance to build their own movie in their mind. If you read it, you’re going to make the movie up while listening to our songs. And that song is about just pushing the envelope and seeing how far I could take things like necrophilia and things that you would see in a horror movie. I think that’s cool, because not a lot of bands are going to give things that people could read and build a movie to while reading it. So that’s what I try to do. Movies and relationships – our EP has either one of those two things. Our next record is basically going to be the same thing. I’m going to take what I’ve already done and make it more extreme and more personal – more angry and more darker. Or take a movie or an idea I have and expand it and push the envelope even more. That’s what we want to try to get across. That’s the band that we are – one that is not afraid to do things and not afraid to be a band in our genre that’s gonna push things as hard as they could be pushed. That’s mostly what our lyrics revolve around.

motion3What advice would you give a band about to go on the road for the very first time?
Chris: Just make sure you have a lot of money to live – to buy food for yourself – because your guarantee mostly pays for the gas.
Angelo: Other than that – we’ve been doing this for a while and we went on some really, really shitty tours. They may have only been like two weeks. But just don’t give up. Keep going.
Chris: Definitely don’t let low attendance seriously bother you, because there are bigger bands that have a low attendance. It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re doing what you want to do, and pushing to make that happen. We used to tour and there’d be like four kids at a show. But we never gave up. We kept thinking that someday, if we worked hard enough, there would be more people. And now there are people who like what we’re doing. Even now, we hope that someday there will be even more people – we’ll get on bigger tours – we’ll work harder and we’ll get further along. We’re not anywhere close to being a headliner band, so it’s something to work towards. Just give yourself something to work towards. Make sure your vehicle runs good enough and that your equipment works – and have money for food – and you’ll be good.

Okay, admit it! Were you guys ever fans of Breaking Benjamin or Lifer?
Chris: Okay! We want to tour with Breaking Ben so bad!
Angelo: Me and him love Breaking Ben to death!
Chris: That’s so funny that you brought that up, because we just started talking about that yesterday. They were some of the bigger shows in the area that we were going to. We weren’t really around when Lifer was big, but we knew who they were but we weren’t going to shows at that point. But as far as Breaking Ben shows, we’ve been going to see them since we were kids. They’re not exactly hometown heroes, but we like them a lot and we definitely want to tour with them – do like a Northeast PA Takeover Tour or something.
Angelo: I think they are just a great band.
Chris: They’re super catchy and know how to write good songs that aren’t too nu-metal or one thing.

So it Breaking Benjamin is actually reading this, what would you say?
: Take us on tour. Please!

So if you weren’t in Motionless In White, what do you think you’d be doing today?
Angelo: Besides the band, I do graphic design for other bands. It’s been fun – because you just go to sleep, wake up and draw all day. So I wouldn’t mind sitting at home, drawing and hanging out. Being in a band is what I want to do though.
Chris: He’s designed shirts for so many bands that are in like Hot Topic and everything like that. He’s done all of our merch and other bands. If I wasn’t in a band – I’m not good at anything except for music. I would really try to be like a producer or anything involving music. Even if it was like running a club or being a tour manager or something as close as I could be to being in a band. After this band is over, I would like to try to be a producer. That’s what I feel I would be good at, because I have a lot of ideas – especially when it comes to working with other bands. That’s what I’d really like to do if I wasn’t in a band.

So you have any messages for Motionless In White fans?
Angelo: We’re finally coming to the West Coast a lot more, so it’s great to finally meet all these people. And it’s great seeing people that we’ve met months ago coming back to the shows.
Chris: Thanks a lot for actually coming to our shows and knowing the words and totally blowing us away. Like at Chain Reaction, so many kids knew our songs. Cuz like, “Wow, you’re in California and we live in Pennsylvania. How the hell did this happen?” Definitely just say thank you to all of them for support and caring about our band when there’s a million other bands they could be listening to. As long as they know that we are extremely thankful for their support and helping us out…

(Interview and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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