Motor Sister and The Gitas at The Whisky

The Gitas

The Gitas

Motor Sister, The Gitas, The Whisky, March 11, 2015

It’s Only Rock And Roll, but I like it.” The Rolling Stones proclaimed many years ago on one of their timeless hits. Sharing the stage at the legendary Whisky on the Sunset Strip were two wildly different bands, bringing two different sets of fans together to celebrate the wonderfully diversity of hard rocking music. With one up-and-coming band and another featuring well respected members from other super-groups of metal, those with open minds and a penchant for discovery of new music were in for a real treat.

The Gitas unveils a dark yet sweeping take on rock and roll, featuring a remarkable trio of musicians who enveloped the room with an exhilarating wall of sound. All that, and a fourth member sat to the side of the stage presenting special effects and samples on a vintage cassette tape recorder. Managing an stimulation amalgamation of grunge and alternative music, The Gitas presented an auditory journey that was thrilling to behold. Songs such as Black Crows, Precious Day and Someone To Die For rang through the room with a profound sense of urgency. Each member of this amazing trio made a lingering impression on the crowd – Sasha Chemerov on vocals and guitar delivered the lyrics with imagination and flair while bassist Sal Ramazzini supplied a thrilling low end that reverberated through the room. And then there was Brittany Maccarello, all dolled up on drums and unleashing a truly rock solid performance. Whether in the world of Coachella hipsters or in a rock and roll environment, The Gitas express a mass appeal that truly stuns the senses. Be sure to check out their debut album Garland and let The Gitas expand your mind while rocking your world.

Motor Sister

Motor Sister

The Whisky was packed to the rafters by the time Motor Sister took to the stage for a rare and rambunctious performance. And yes\, that was Scott Ian of the mighty Anthrax up there on one end of the stage. On the other side was his wife Pearl Aday, presenting a joyful and animated performance as backup vocals and tambourine. A reunion of sorts of the vastly underrated Mother Superior, featured in the Motor Sister lineup was the iconic bands’ lead vocalist Jim Wilson. Also appearing were Joey Vera (Fates Warning/Armored Saint) and John Tempesta (White Zombie, The Cult), and this all-star lineup devastated the Whisky was a rollicking set of classic rock tunes. Opening with the ferocious refrains of A-Hole, the party was off the hook, with each member shining through. With only two planned shows on the West Coast, those who attended the Motor Sister show at The Whisky witnessed yet another legendary club show on the notorious Sunset Strip – one that shall be remembered for the rock and roll ages ahead.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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