Mouth Of The South

Manifestations by Mouth Of The South (Self-released EP)

This inspiring collective from Texas obviously mean serious business with an EP as brutal and sludgy as Manifestations. Mouth Of The South is here to penetrate your senses with their relentless musical dynamics and spiritual lyricisms. Comparisons to bands such as Norma Jean and The Chariot abound, but Mouth Of The South throw a bit of Between The Buried And Me in for good measure – coming up with a wildly devastating wall of sonic noise that will have your head spinning. A blasting canvas of fury to be sure, guaranteed to send those slam pits into overdrive.

The messages found within the lyrical content are powerful and enlightening. After a noisy introduction simply called Genesis, the disc slams into high gear with the supersonic sounds of Merits. “I am dead in Him, and there I will remain. Take me and persuade me to roam in your glory” are the first words heard, compelling and impassioned in scope.

The lyrical sentiments are persuasive throughout, so be sure to follow along for maximum impact. Songs such as The Oppressionist and The Grave, The Gate demonstrate just how powerful the band’s message can be, finding hope and glory in even the most remote and darkest of places.

The Horsemen is a magnificent grand finale, with vocalist Luke Andrews growling “I can see! I will fulfill my destiny. I am the death dealer,” with a ferocious intensity. Andrews spews out the positive messages like a man possessed – a truly charismatic performer.

In addition to the impressive lyrics, the musicianship in Mouth Of The South is absolutely first rate. Josiah Lyle and Will Fordyce shred on dueling guitars, supplying a mighty wall of impenetrable reverberation. Bringing it all home to the firing range are Alex Knight on bass and Josh Davis on drums, delivering a thrilling rhythm section experience.

There are a ton of Christian bands out there now – but the sheer passion and all-out aggression Mouth Of The South place into their work should gain these guys a good deal of notice and respect. Manifestations is a remarkable first work from a band we should be hearing a lot more from in the future.  Plus how can you not love a band who calls themselves Mouth Of The South?

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Andrew Brake 9 years ago

    These guys are some of my good friends. And everytime they have a show the fans go wild. I just went to bring the mosh 3 which is a localy run show here the d/fw. The band memphis may fire were on the card and mouth of the south still stole the show. They had the most people and the most energy flowing into that room. And not only are they top notch musicians but there great godly men. Men im proud to call my friends. There stage presence is that of sheer force and one that gets the crowd pumping.

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