Mouth Of The South: Spiritual Manifestations

Mouth Of The South is a Christian Progresive Metal band who place a good deal of passion and conviction into all aspects of their music.   Based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, Mouth Of The South recently unleashed a powerful collection of tunes entitled Manifestations.  The lyrics are brilliant and devastating, and the music will make you want to spin kick yourself into the nearest hardcore pit.  Destined to be signed to a label such as Facedown or Solid State, the band remains in the grand DIY tradition and are always accessible to their fans.  We recently conducted an interview with one of the MOTS members to learn more about the band and their spiritual manifestations…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Mouth Of The South, and how long the band has been together.
Hey there, my name is Josiah Lyle and I play guitar in Mouth of the South, our other members consist of our vocalist Luke Andrews, our bassist Alex Knight, our drummer Josh Davis, and our other guitarist Michael “Grizzle” Nobles. We have been writing music together for around 3 and a half years now, with various member changes throughout that duration.

Where is the band based out of and what sort of music scene do you have there?
We are based out of the DFW area of Texas. The scene here has had its ups and downs but recently we are seeing it come to life again specifically at our “home” venue, The Warehouse, in the town of Mansfield.

Where did you get the band name Mouth Of The South? It’s classic to be sure!
Haha, well honestly some of our previous member saw the name on an energy can and decided it would be a good band name, but today the name has more of a revival focused meaning for all of us.

Would you consider Mouth Of The South to be a Christian band or ministry? Why or why not?
We consider ourselves “musicianaries” (Missionaries first and musicians second). We are absolutely a Christian band and a ministry. We feel that God really wants a see revival in our generation and our calling is within the hardcore/ metal scene. Our hearts for this scene is to see it go to God with their short comings. We want to see an abolition of the violence and hatred that so fills our genre of music, and we want to see unity within the bride of Christ.

An elderly church lady thinks it’s wonderful you are in a band and would like to attend a show. How would you describe your music to her?
Haha, I’ve actually had to do this with my grandma before because she wanted to come to a show. But basically we would say that it’s going to be very loud and we do acrobatics that you won’t see at a normal worship concert. There will probably be fights so be sure to stay toward the back. And this is church like you’ve never seen it before.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Manifestations?
Yeah, when we wrote the lyrics to the CD they were mainly focused on being about all of our personal testimonies and how God has spoken into our lives, so the concept is that we are telling a story of how God has made his plan and presence manifest in our own personal lives.

Please cite two songs from your CD and what inspired you to write the lyrics?
I’ll start with The Grave: The Gate mainly because we’ve had questions about this one before. When reading the lyrics of this song you’ll notice that it has an incredibly violent theme and that’s really what we we’re going for. The song is basically a conversation I had with myself, but it was my spirit talking to my flesh. We really just wanted to get the concept of “dying to yourself” portrayed in a very intense setting to get the point across that it’s not a small thing that only happens every now and then but that it’s a very brutal process that needs to be repeated every single day. The song Merits was written in order for us to just praise and worship our Father for the things he has done for us, and it ends with recognizing that when we follow God’s will and allow the heavenly realm to connect with the earthly realm that’s when we see the sparks fly. That’s when we see mountains move and dead bones come to life. We serve a mighty, mighty God.

What could one expect from a live Mouth Of The South show?
We like to have fun on stage. One of our philosophies is that if you aren’t moving to your music then why would the crowd move. Also, our focus on stage is that we are in the presence of the Lord most high and we are called to give our best for Him and we feel that when we’re moving around and going crazy that we are draining ourselves physically in order for God to fill us with His strength and presence.

Who are some of the bigger bands you have opened for and what was the experience like?
We’ve been able to share the stage with bands such as Norma Jean, The Chariot, Arsonists Get All The Girls, A Plea for Purging, For Today, In the Midst of Lions, Dr. Acula, Love Begotten, Memphis May Fire, Oh Sleeper, Suffokate, A Bullet for Pretty Boy, The Handshake Murders, As Hell Retreats, Stray from the Path, Monsters, To Speak of Wolves, Before There Was Rosalyn, Knights of the Abyss, The Irish Front, and Burden of a Day. The experience at all of these shows has been incredibly humbling and we feel extremely blessed to have had these opportunities given to us.

Have you had the opportunity to do any touring or plan to do so in the future?
We recently were on tour with the band Before There Was Rosalyn for about 3 weeks, and we are definitely planning on touring full time within the next year.

How do you feel about kids who may really be into your music but not necessarily into the message?
Those are the kids we try and pray for every single day. We believe that the Gospel of Christ has power and when we proclaim His truth that things will happen regardless of if people accept it right off the bat or not. Worship breaks down strongholds and so we feel that it doesn’t matter if they don’t like what we have to say because as long as they are exposed to light we are doing something, for in the presence of light no darkness can remain.

How close are you to recording all new music?
We are going to begin writing our next album starting in July. Right now the plan is to record a full-length album at the end of the year, but it may turn out sooner than that depending on what God’s plans are.

Any record label interest?
We have a few that we are interested in but we’re not sure if they are interested in us. If we had the choice to choose from any record label though we would lean towards Facedown Records, or Come and Live.

Do you have any messages for peeps reading this now who might want to check your band out?
Above all else our heart goes out to you, we love meeting new people and we would love to meet you and talk with you. If anyone has any prayer requests we believe that we serve a God who heals the sick and restores the broken, so please don’t hesitate to ask us for anything, literally. We love all of you so very much and we appreciate any time spent on listening to our music or supporting us in any way, so thank you very much.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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