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diealeg1Die A Legend by Monsters Scare You (Century Media Records)

Monsters Scare You is a collective ready to crash into your world with their colossal wall of sound. On a casual level, the inevitable comparisons to Attack Attack! and Enter Shikari are destined to happen. And yet one listen to the ferocious contents of Die A Legend and you’ll quickly discover this creative Seattle-based outfit is their own astonishing beast. Presenting sonic artistry that is alternately catchy and intensive, Monsters Scare You is destined to scare up quite a following, if their Century Media debut is indicative of greater horrors to come. 13 tracks in all, the album is wildly unpredictable while raging with a cohesive meshing of metal, pop and electronica that adventurous music fans will rapturously adore.

monstersscare400xKicking off the disc like a fiery jolt to the noggin is Legends & Legions, a tune which quickly lets the listener in on the fact that they are indeed in for a mega-mixture of electronica, screamo, and some wildly infectious choruses. Bohemian Rap City is surely a clever title, and fans will be shaking their collective booties to the sonic mayhem and fierce dance rhythms on display. Elephant Graveyard then explodes with a dire sense of urgency, a fast paced excursion that is amazingly epic in scope, considering the song barely lasts three minutes in length.

Out of my way!” exclaim the lyrics on Smiling’s My Favorite, another song demonstrating the band’s almost supernatural knack for combining genres and coming up with truly memorable results. Wolfman’s Got Nards is down and dirty, like Motorhead joined in on the party and sent it all to hell in a metal hand basket. Then Give Me Some Sugar Baby shows Monsters Scare You at the very height of their creative ingenuity, presenting a towering composition that soars into the stratosphere.

A brief yet ominous Interlude segues into the deliciously rambunctious reveries of I’m Going To Sleep Good Tonight, complete with a wondrously hypnotic “can I trust you?” refrain in the chorus. Shut Up Our Song Is On is surely the anthem destined to be played at Monsters Scare You shindigs until the end of time. I Wish I Could Quit You is moody and dark, a track ready to explode all over your face at any given moment – the chorus of “You make me weak in the knees” will then make you want to high tail it to the dance floor and shake it all about.

Shirts vs. Skins is a rock and groove track that will send your imagination reeling while the charmingly titled Suck It is sure to tingle your senses with its dazzling, in-your-face refrains. And to close off the mad monster mosh party, The Last That Only Lasted So Long is brilliant and bizarre – and if you listen through the silence, there is a surprising acoustic track showing yet another side of Monsters Scare You’s multi-faceted sound.

The musicianship found within Monsters Scare You is frighteningly resourceful and inspired, featuring the imaginative work of Cory Fay on vocals, Brandon “Bird” Ereth on guitar, Connor Theisen on drums, Josh Benson on bass and vocals, Joey Duckett on electronics and vocals, and Chad Keller on guitar. Die A Legend by Monsters Scare You is sure to haunt your summer and continue to relentlessly pulsate within your feverish brain for the many euphoric seasons ahead. Highly recommended!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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